Oh So Productive

Today has been SO productive. I have had a million things I've been planning on doing and I finally got the chance to do them all. :) I finally had time to melt down all the old candles I have. I poured them into clean glass containers I had and made some new layered candles. Also, I was able to clean out those candle jars so that I could use them for different candles whenever I have enough wax to fill those.

The first picture is an old candle jar that I had and was boiling it to melt the rest of the wax to use as a layer in another candle. The second picture is the same jar after I cleaned it out with olive oil. I tried olive oil and vinegar, since that's what I found that people online said would work. The olive oil worked WAY better though. It was amazing, it rubbed out the soot and the wax! I just put it on a paper towel and went to it. Afterwards I just scrubbed the jar with a dish brush with soap in it and got rid of the extra oil. The next picture is a different jar I was also making into a candle. I got my wick, fit it to touch the bottom, and then wrapped the excess around a pen and laid it across the top of the jar. The fourth picture is the finished product. And then the last picture is just another candle I made. :)

Also, I made these zucchini turkey burgers that Jamie Eason has online a while back. They were so freaking good. I bought the stuff to make them again, and began that today, but then I realized that I still don't have half the seasonings I need, so I will get that and do it another day :)

Last, I actually started making my healthy recipes again. I am ECSTATIC about. Because believe it or not, the recipes are super tasty. MMMMM. At the moment, I am waiting on my protein bars to harden up in the fridge, and I'm waiting on a weeks worth of steel cut oats to finish slow cooking in my crock pot! I'm making apple pie oatmeal. It's a mix between like three different recipes that I found, so I hope it turns out okay!

- Katie

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