I got my car back yesterday. But JUST in case it didn't give me enough problems, it made sure not to start when I tried to go to Keely's last night or the gym this morning. I had to have it jumped last night and drove it around a little to charge up the battery, but now its dead again. Just my luck. Also, I have to invest another $200-$300 dollars in that damn thing. FANTASTIC.

On a happier note, here is my menu from yesterday:

Breakfast (pre-workout) - Oats
Breakfast (post-workout) - Protein Brownie & Turtle Sundae (Smart Ones brand)
Lunch #1 - Shrimp Quesadilla & Carrots
Dinner #1 - 2 pieces of pizza. (Oops. :P) It was the Walmart brand, and they were both about the size of one regular piece when put together!
Dinner #1 - Tilapia &  Carrots

I ate 1180 calories, and was DEFINITELY under my 1730 goal. We also did legs yesterday, so I was supposed to eat a little more. Oops.

I've been trying to eat most of my calories before I go to work so I won't eat there, and so that when I get home I can eat a tiny last meal and get ready for bed. This is what I've had today though:

Breakfast #1 - Egg & Cheese Sandwich
Lunch #1 - Shrimp Quesadilla
Lunch #1 - Granola & Almond milk with a banana
Snacks - Banana and Almonds

I'm taking 2 homemade protein bars to work to snack on, and I will probably just make a protein shake when I get home for my last meal. I'm trying to figure out exactly how I am supposed to eat/spread out my meals on work days since I am not allowed to take food to work. :( On days when I am a double, I usually just order something at work. I usually just get plain grilled chicken with plain steamed broccoli and a sweet potato, dry (I put splenda on it, or stevia if I remember to bring some). When I get tired of that I get plain grilled shrimp with rice pilaf and a sweet potato (same way) or some broccoli (the same way). It gets boring, but there's only so many things I can eat there that don't cost a fortune....Haha. Its a little hard working at a steakhouse and having to watch everyone else eat $20 steaks. I tryyyyyyy to stay away from red meat though. Its good to have about once a week, but I usually get carried away if I eat it.

Actually, like 2 nights ago Kaleb and I went to his parent's house and we had an AMAZING meal that his mom cooked. I'm not gonna lie, I had like 2 pieces of bread (WITH butter. ;)) and some dessert, but other than that it was good! I had a t-bone steak, a sweet potato, and some corn. I think that's all...I don't remember. I know we haven't had ANY groceries lately though, so I gained a couple pounds a week or two ago.

I guess I'll stop ranting now. I have pool hair and I'm still wearing my swim suit from earlier, and I have to be at work in an hour. :P

- Katie

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