So, I have an oral presentation due in uh, I don't know like...an hour.

So far, I've got about 30 seconds worth of stuff to say on it so I sure hope I can make crap up when I get up there. Poem interpreting was like the worst thing that English teachers ever came up with to do. EVER!

Workout this morning was fantastic. I hate my preworkout because it makes me feel sick, but this morning I took almost a serving and a half and felt great. So great that I got through my entire workout without really ever wanting to quit halfway. I feel greatttttt. :D Shoulders are like jello though. 7 more pounds to go until I get my shoes....hopefully. I am too excited. Morgan and I went to the mall yesterday and she was looking at tennis shoes. I WANT MINE SO BAD. But I gotta wait. :(

I want my new tattoo soon too, but they're so freakin expensive. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I'll have it though! Also, I canNOT wait to go see Morgan at school. :) I miss her sooooooo much. Its awful. I love college, but I hate when the people you love move away to go to school.

Also, a BIGGGGGGG shout out to my best friend Taylor! She just started a new blog, and I figured I'd give her a couple posts before I introduced it on here. She's got a couple now and its about her hair growth! She is doing all kinds of things to get it to grow, so you should definitely check it out! -----> KISS <3


- Katie

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