Eleven to Ten

I am pretty positive that I forgot I have a blog.

My weeks have been all blending together. And if my weeks are doing that, I'm sure you know that my days seem like one long, never ending day. I wake up, go to the gym, come home & clean/shower, go to work, come home & go to bed, repeat. I do that for 5 days straight, and then I have two days off. Every week. Its. So. Boring.

Anyways, things have been going well at the gym. I've eaten REALLY badly today. Mostly because I worked alllllll day and only had a 30 minute break. Usually I would wake up on a day that I work a volume and eat about 600 or 700 calories before I even leave for work. Today I forgot to eat before work, so I starved until 4 pm. (9:30 am - 4 pm...I should have eaten 3 times in that time period. THREE.) I ended up eating a nice, yummy, non-healthy-living meal. A 6 oz Sirloin with a LARGE sweet potato with cinnamon sugar (extra) AND butter. Plus fries. Holy shiz. I didn't care. I ate every. Single. Bite. And I had ketchup. :D

Then I came home and had a healthy taco salad minus avocado, because for some freaking odd reason the avocados I bought just will not ripen and they are super hard. I like soft avocados.

I am ready for the gym tomorrow, FOR SURE. I feel icky. Even though I've probably had about a quarter of the calories I was supposed to have today. And I was on my feet from 10:45-4 and then from 4:30-9:45. Nonstop. Other than my 30 minute break, so I burned probably about as much as I ate today. LOL

My computer has 8% left and I still have to post this on FB (where I will end up spending about 6% of my battery on afterwards while creeping) so I should wrap this up.

Peace Out Homiesssss :)

- Katie