Old Faces New Faces, Bug Eyes & Chipmunk Faces.

Well, its Tuesday already and I have to leave on Thursday. You should see my room, its an absolute mess and there's no way I'm going to have everything packed in time to leave. I'm struggling right now with the fact that my bags can only be 50 pounds on the plane! I have one that's right under 50 and packed to the max. That's not the one I'm worried about tho. I have a really frieken huge bag and I have taken like, half the contents out of it and its still over 50 pounds. I seriously think I was up to like 70 without it even being full. Its ridiculous.

Other than that, I'm enjoying my grandpa's huge mac screen. He's got like, a 30 inch screen, a magic mouse (any mac user knows how awesome those are) and a wireless keyboard. I'm so jealous. I swear I will get all macs in my house when I grow up and have a family.

I certainly don't miss the mosquitos in Georgia. At the moment I think I have like, 15 bug bites...which is nothin' - but I wore long pants and a t-shirt and doused myself in bug spray the other day while I was cleanin' out my grandparents' van. I knew it was going to be awful. It has been so humid here. I was on the phone with my dad last week while I was in Valdosta (it was literally right after Sara and I had taken our pictures) and I told him I had to get off the phone because my hair was sticking to me. It was so gross. My hands were full, everything was sticking to me, and I was trying to hold a phone conversation? That's the type of thing I don't miss. HAHA

I didn't get the chance to go to the beach while I was here, and I'm kind of upset about that because the only beaches we get to go to in Washington are super duper cold and you can't even get in the water, so I just wanted one last normal visit, but I'll be alright.

I miss my Marley Mae so much. :( Even though she kind of hates me and won't lay with me anymore - I still miss her. Luke on the other hand has gotten SO big. He's massive now. I guess its because he's as big as he'll ever be...2 and a half years old and all. I missed him while I was gone, and I know its going to be the same way when I leave again. Sometimes I wish I could just be in two places at once. Valdosta and Washington - and then I could see everyone.

I was havin' fun with Grandpa's computer - haha, here are some pictures. :P


- Katie


Skanks & Hoes

I haven't had the chance to thank Amelia and Tori on my blog - you know, where its official and everything. :) When I got to Valdosta on Wednesday night, I stayed with them as you know. Not only did I stay with them though, I got to snuggle with my Tori Bug for 2 nights in a row! Haha...nah, seriously though...we did sleep together in a twin XL bed. She loves me enough to let me sleep in her bed with her. She could have gotten like, awful sleep when she had class the next day...but she didn't care. I tried to sleep on the floor, but she wouldn't let me.

Amelia is just as amazing. She let me wear like 20 bajillion of her clothes since I didn't really pack any. [Is that a correct sentence? Who cares...haha] Anyways, she let me meet her awesome friends, and I am VERY glad I stayed with them while I went down there because I definitely had an amazing time!

I'm glad I got to see my bestie Sara too! We had a lot of fun taking pictures on the front lawn and in Converse (even though we got caught sneaking in) and it was SUPER hot outside. I loved just sitting in her dorm with her and hanging out too. I've missed her so much, but its nice to know that even though I've moved away, she'll continue our friendship, unlike other people I thought were my good friends. :( [Not any person in particular, but she tries a lot harder than anyone I know I think.]

Seeing all of my sisters was DEFINITELY something I was looking forward to, and I had a lot of fun. Seeing them is like I never even left. Its like everything is the same and our sisterhood has not be lost at ALL. I love them so much, and I'm glad to know when I come back that they will still be there and love me!

I think for the most part, all of the people I've written about are like that. Our relationships/friendships aren't going to change because one person is gone for a while. On a completely different note, I haven't had soda in 8 months, 2 weeks, and 2 days. I really wonder if I will like it when I try it after my year is up. (I don't know if I've mentioned it...but my New Year's Resolution was to keep from drinking anything carbonated for an entire year. I kind of forgot and drank it on January 1st and 2nd, so I started on the 3rd. :P)

So yeh. Thanks Tori & Amelia. I love y'all SO much! You guys are the absolute best! :)

- Katie

P.S. Here's some pics from my trip to Valdosta:

Bottom floor of the library.

Jordan, myself, Kaleb, and Sara.

Sara and I under the arch. Thanks Chad!

The 3 of us.

My Tori Bug. :)

Triplets :)

Us again!


Droid X

Its 3:15 AM here, and 12:15 AM in Washington. Its really weird not being on the same time zone as everyone else. I don't know how rich people travel so often. I'd be like "I'll stay in my time zone". I know its only a three hour difference, but believe it or not...it actually matters. Like tomorrow, we are waking up at 9, which is 6 my time. The absolute ONLY time I wake up that early is when I have to get ready for an 8 o clock shift at work. I guess its been often lately, but still. I don't have to travel all day afterwards, I just get off at 12 and go home and sleep. :)

I am typing this on my phone by the way, so if there are typos, that's why. I'll fix them when I have a computer to use.
Today was kind of busy. I woke up and got ready and ended up going to Nathan's with Tori, Amelia, and their friends Tyrone & Devin. After that I went to the bookstore and got Kaitlyn and Alissa something small for a gift. I watched more Harry Potter with Kaleb, took lots of pictures with Sara & Jordan (Thanks Chad!), and went to stroll practice. I definitely miss ATTEMPTING to stroll. HA! I saw my old bio lab teacher today too. It was kind of wierd.

I don't think I am ever going to post a blog from my phone again because it autocorrects awfully. And my phone thinks harry potter is harry porter. Anyways, im going to bed...hopefully. gooooood night :)

- Katie


Valdosta, Ga :) [Happiness, f'sho]

I MISS VALDOSTA. Seriously!! I am here now, and I've been here since Wednesday night. I feel like I've done so much in a day. haha, I've missed all my bruhs & sorors! I've missed Jordan & Sara, and DEFINITELY Kaleb! This is how my Wednesday went:

Got on the plane from Seattle to Memphis and met a very nice couple who sat next to me. They own a company and offered my boyfriend a job. (nice, right? YEH!)
Then, I dropped an entire cup of water INTO my purse, ruined my next boarding pass, and then when I got off the plane to catch my connecting flight, I had to have a new one printed out. (I don't know HOW it happens, and I don't know if its only me, but I swear EVERY time I fly...I am on the absolute furthest gate from me. Every time.)
So even though Memphis is a small airport, I still had to go to the complete other side to find my gate.
After my 2 hour flight to Jax, Fl I was super excited to see Kaleb, and I felt like it took freaking FOREVER to get off the plane. We were like, the only plane that landed that late...so we were the only ones at baggage claim and all.
Then we drove to Valdosta. (Another 2 hours) and I ended up staying with Tori & Amelia at their awesome dorm in Hopper. We all sat on one bed and talked and talked until we were ALL caught up. (3 girls? You know that took a while) After we got all ready for bed, in our pajamas, tucked in and all - Tori and I had this epiphany...we should go to Steak n Shake at 3 am. So we did.
Yesterday, I went to Kaleb's and watched Harry Potter movies with him for a couple hours (we also had Zaxby's on the way back to his house & I was super happy.) and then he took me back to campus. I got to see the rest of my sisters (YAY! :)) We also went to Hopper Dining. I only liked the rice, and I was VERY upset with their salad. (That used to be the only reason I'd go to Hopper) They've changed venders though, so that's why.

Anyways though, now I'm getting ready to go see my SARA WARRENNNNNN & JORDAN FORDDDDDD! YAYAYAYAY! Seriously, I'm ecstatic. We are going to take pictures in front of the fountain and all, so I will put a few up on here once Sara puts them on Facebook or whatever. :)

I love feeling like a teenager again. Valdosta does it to me. I don't have to worry about work or money or clothes or anything. We just do what we want, say what we want, and go where we want. (And share each others clothes...i couldn't find a way to fit that in. :P) So yeh, I'm going to get ready now.


- Katie

P.S. I must be addicted to blogging. I actually LEFT my laptop in Washington. (I thought it was a good idea because then I could bring an extra carry on back and not check it) I'm starting to think its a bad idea now though. I mean c'mon...now I have to write posts this long because I can only post when I have time, and now when I have a computer. I'm using my lovely Tori Ricker's computer now. (Thanks Tori!) She's in class, so I'm going to get ready now while I'm not in anyone's way. ;)


The Big Fair

Today started off with work at 8 am. Stock is always stressful...for me.

Work was pretty good today, I like being in the back room.

Just to throw this out there - I am seriously one of the most giving people ever. I will give you everything I have to make sure everyone else is happy. I will spend my paycheck on my stepsisters before I frieken spend it on me. Seriously, the other day we went to Starbucks and I said I'd buy them drinks, but without thinking...I didn't realize it would be so expensive, so I was seriously contemplating not getting anything at all so I could afford to get them what they wanted. I give and give and one thing I cannot stand is for people to take advantage of it.

When I drive you wherever you want, pay for the gas to do it, and then pay for whatever you're wanting at the store or fast food place, don't tell me that I don't do anything for you - Kaitlyn. I guess whenever you're 11, you don't realize everything that people actually do for you. There is absolutely no reason to sit there and tell me straight to my damn face that I do nothing for you though.

I don't ask for much. I don't ask for you to worship at my damn feet, and I don't ask you to go out of your way or stop what you are doing to do things for me. All i expect is a "thank you" and a favor every now and then when I really need it. Honestly, you're 11...what would I ask you to do that would be ridiculously hard? NOTHING. I don't ask you to do anything you aren't able to do, and I don't ask you to go out of your way, so don't tell me that you won't do anything because I've done nothing for you. // end rant.

I love all my stepsisters, I really do. Sometimes though, people need to realize what they're saying to others before it comes out. When you say something to me, I don't forget it. It plays over in my head, so don't expect me to just 'get over' whatever you have to say to me to hurt my feelings at the time. I didn't grow up the way you three did, I grew up a lot differently and I think you should respect it the way I respect the way you were brought up.

I work tomorrow from 1:30 to 10:30 and then I'm off until next Thursdayyyy :) I'm very excited about going home for a week! I miss everyone so so so so much. I don't know what I'm going to do when I have to wait longer than 3 months to go home & see everyone. :(

Alissa and I went to The Big Fair tonight. It was a lot of fun. I spent way too much money and ate way too many calories, but it was all worth it. Selena Gomez was at the fair tonight performing, and I got to see her on the big screen, and then I actually saw her for like, a half a second. I was kind of mad because I sat there and waited in line for the swings ride so I could see her, and as soon as I saw her, she went off stage and the show was over! Holy goodness sake. I was upset, but at least I saw her. I definitely heard her, the speakers were all around the outside of the stadium inside the fair.

Sims 3 and then bedtime! Good night lovesss :)

- Katie


Who Knows What That Crazy Girl Thinks??

Who do you think you are? Runnin' 'round leavin scars, collecting your jar of hearts and tearing love apart. You're gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul, so don't come back for me. Who do you think you are?

Well thank you Christina Perri for your awesome words. I was on my way home from work tonight and I had my phone plugged into the radio and had Pandora running off of it. Somehow after all my Rascal Flatts and Carrie Underwood on my Taylor Swift station, this song came on. It got me thinkin, and no...I'm not thinkin about a boy when I write these words, but they did kind of speak to me tonight.

On a different note, I miss my frieken guitar so much. I have so many songs just jumbled around in my head and I can't write them because I don't have a dadgum guitar! Haha, I figured since I'm talking about my songs I might as well go ahead and post a verse or chorus from a couple of the songs...so here ya go:

Fallin' [first verse & part 1&2 of chorus]

I'm fallin' for you, like a rock off a wall. I'm considerin' you, I don't wanna fall into somethin' new, somethin' deep something' wrong, somethin' cruel, somethin' mean, I ain't a fool.
Cuz if the tables were turned you wouldn't wanna be burned, you wouldn't wanna be lied to & cheated on & hurt. It hasn't happened to me. I'm tryin' to avoid it. I'm savin' myself and I think you'd do it too.

Grounded to the Ground [first verse and chorus]

Its 2 AM, the ring wakes me up. I'm callin' for you - nothing in return. I'm shiv'ring in the cold, I'm waiting for you, I'm waiting for you, I'm waiting for you. You are my pain, discomfort. You are my insecurities. You are the one who loves me. When no else will, when no one else will. You are my pride my pleasure, you are my soul when I am weak. You're the one who keeps me grounded to the ground.

The Years Before [part 2&3 of 1st verse & chorus]

I prayed and prayed and hoped and prayed that I could find the one. I did and now I'm greatful for all our memories. They overtake all the ones that I had to deal with. I'm in love, I have a life, and it does not include: crying in my room, all alone. Hopin' Daddy would save me, hopin' Mama would too. Just cryin' and prayin' for someone to find me for someone to help. Lord, please, please help me.

So yeh, just so people don't get the wrong idea about my songs, the first one ends on a good note, so yes...its about Kaleb, but you'd have to hear the whole song to know what its about. :) The second one is also about my lovely boyfriend, and its actually written about a call he accidentally made to me in the middle of the night. (HAHA to that) The last song is actually what it sounds like. I had a lot of family problems growing up. I'm not saying that on here to put my family on blast or anything, but I want others to know I can relate if you have gone through the same thing.

I was supposed to record a demo last year, but I never ended up doing it because the opportunity came at the end of the semester and I had no time to go. :( I really wish I had made the time because I really want to be singing right now, especially now that I'm not even in school anymore. I will get my chance one day though, it just hasn't been the right time yet.

Tomorrow is a stock kinda day and I have to be at work at 8 to unload the truck & do stock. (Hence the 'stock kinda day' phrase. You readers are so smart though, I'm pretty sure you knew exactly what I meant. ;)

I am very ticked off at American Eagle right now. I always wear the same size jeans from there, and I bought a new pair a couple weeks ago that was my normal size, but a different fit. They fit basically the same, have the same amount of stretch, and I can usually wear my other pair 2 times before washing. (Don't worry, I'm not dirty, jeans just don't need to be washed that often. It fades them WAY too quickly.) Anyways though, I washed these jeans today and wore them straight outta the dryer, so you know they were snug. They were fallin' off of me like, an hour into work. Seriously? Thanks American Eagle. TOOOOOOOO much stretch in them bad boys.

I never told y'all I got feather extensions (again). But yeh, I did. Here's a picture:

Tonight, I was just chillin' with the Kardashians:

At Valdosta State:

While having fun on my Macbook: :)

*I seriously just realized there was a difference between compliment & complement. FML

And now I'm getting ready for bed. G'night :)

- Katie


Ashley's a Clothes Stealer.

Today, I got up at 6:30 and went to work a little bit later. Then I came home and played soccer with Kaitlyn and cooked lunch. Then I just sat on the couch. Then I wrote this post. Needless to say, I've had a boring day.

Alissa: "How many states are there? 40 or 42?" That was the hilight of my day. :)


I can't stand when I look at the dock at the bottom of my screen and I've got notifications coming out of different icons. I feel so out of control and it annoys me. What annoys me even more is that I don't know how to get rid of them. My App Store has like, 2 notifications, and when I opened it the other day - I couldn't figure out how to get rid of the notifications. Skype has one now also, and it won't even open for me.

If you have a mac, you know what I'm talking about. Maybe you don't relate, but hey - at least you know what I'm saying.

Last night I had to be at work at 6:30, and before that I took Alissa and two of her friends to a football game for school. Of course it was also the first night of the Big Fair and the stadium and fair are very close to each other, so there was a crapton of traffic. I seriously thought I was going to be late, so when I got stuck in traffic forever, I thought I was gonna seriously rip someone's head off.

I went a completely different way to work, freaked out because I hit so much traffic, and then had to GPS my way. I don't take the interstates here because they are AWFUL and I don't know the exits...so I wanted to avoid interstates, but I didn't know how to set it on the GPS, so on the interstate I went... It was seriously like 10 lanes, and I swear I almost got hit by like 5 different cars while I was on the interstate for like, 2 minutes.

I finally got to work (still alive) 30 minutes early.

- Katie




Today, Ashley is going to get her hair done (if you didn't read my last post), and I'm going to go get another feather put in...maybe it'll stay in this time.

I'm also gonna clean my room since its an absolute wreck from just coming home and crashing after work every night. The big fair opens tomorrow, so I'm hoping we'll go to that in the morning before I have to be at work at 6:30. I hate closing that store. Its just so big & messy.

I think everyone in the entire world should have to work retail as their first job. I think they should see how much people are assholes when they're shopping. I mean seriously, its ridiculous. Since I've worked in retail, I know to put things back how I found them, or hand them already hung up to the person in the fitting room, and like, a bajillion other things. I'm just sayin...there's no need to grab 50 items and place them all on one rack because you just decided you don't want them anymore...but this is all beside the point.

I don't know why I even went on that rampage, its just gets me so angry. HA.

So, yeh...I got this new shirt from Penny's the other day, and its super cute. Its a strapless shirt with like, floral and lace. It was only 5 bucks. I got it on my lunch break (because I know that was a super important detail).

Blogger, I don't like the new way you're making me put pictures in my posts. That's why I never do it anymore.

I'll probably post more later, and what I mean by probably is: I probably won't because I'll be too tired, and I'll just be like "well, I posted earlier". :)

- Katie

Über Excited!

So, I am currently thinking of a new name for my blog since I am no longer a college student living in a dorm, away from home, and wanting to document everything about college. I still want to, ya know...tell everyone everything about my life though. Its my way to express things. HA! So yeh...

I'm absolutely addicted to Keeping Up With the Kardashians, just like every other tv show I watch. I'm on the end of season 2 now. I'm also reading the first Pretty Little Liars book, and rewatching the first season of the show.

If I haven't told everyone enough, I just want to express this again: I am going to be in GA in ONE WEEK. Actually, down to the hour - I will be in Florida in one week, and in Georgia in a week and an hour. I am so excited to see Jordan, Sara, Juliana, and all my sistasss :)

I think I'm going to be sad to leave work for a week (honestly...it keeps me entertained) and I'm gonna miss Marley. :( BUT, I haven't seen my boyfriend since June 4, and I am absolutely ready to see him. Once I see him, we will have gone 3 1/2 months without seeing each other. That's like, over 1/4 of the year.

**So, I thought I needed an edit in here because my post was so short. Not really, I just had more to say. :) I know I tell my life story on here and then post it on Facebook so everyone in the world can see, but even after all I've posted on here, I haven't posted anything that was too personal. There is plenty of things about me that none one of you knows (well, excluding my family and Kaleb & probably Sara).

Tonight I got a message from an old friend asking what in the world was going on, and what it was that I've left out of my story on here. I thought hard before I answered, because I know the internet is a dirty place. I wasn't afraid of telling her anything - because I know what's private is private, and I don't ever tell too much. I was more afraid of giving out information to one or two people and then deciding that I wanted to withhold the information from others. I know my blog isn't a huge success, and I don't have newspaper articles talking about my amazing, super-interesting blog (yet), but I feel like its gotten to that point that I need to be a little more professional.

I've decided it's time to be a little more private since its not just my close friends and family reading this anymore. Don't worry, you're still going to get this awesome sense of humor (I wouldn't want you to miss out on that. ;)). While I will being a little more private, I will also be a little more of myself. I've kind of withheld things I've wanted to say because honestly, I didn't want people to judge me...but I don't care anymore. Its my blog, and I'll say what I want.

I also want to point out, I don't have publicity waivers for people to sign, so if you're in my life, you'll be in my blog. I don't use names if I talk about you negatively though, so don't worry. ;)

I am going to tag along with Ash & Lisa tomorrow while she gets her hair lightened. (Ashley...not Lisa. haha) I think I am going to try another feather extension, because I feel a little jealous and left out...and I just want it to stay in this time! Haha

I think its actually time for bed now, Good night :)

- Katie


You Are My Pet Peeve

Seriously? I could care less if you had a child as a teenager, or if you've been to jail three times before the age of 25. If you honestly think its okay to get on the computer and typ lyk dis 4 evry1 2 c, then you are going to lose any ounce of respect I've had for you. Especially when you're 20 years old.

I have a lot of pet peeves, but I seriously think this one is my worst one. Why don't you just go ahead and go back to kindergarten when you enroll your child.

I'm done being mean now, I promise. :)

I got home today and Alissa had Keeping Up with the Kardashians on the t.v., and usually I don't watch it, but I started and it was actually really good! Haha, I don't EVER watch shows on E!, but I kinda got sucked in. I also watched The World According to Paris a while back. Like, the entire first season, and it was really good too. I guess I just like seeing all their riches...who knows?

I am so so so so so happy I don't have to work tomorrow. Thursday is my other day off this week, and after that I work 5 days straight until the day of my flight. I'm so dreading that. I just worked 3 days in a row and I want to die. Its really not that bad, I just need to get shoes that have better support - I swear that's like, 99.9% of my problem. (well, and the fact that I can't ever fall asleep at night so I end up with no sleep. :P)

I'm addicted to Pretty Little Liars, and some of the girls at work talk about it all the time. Since we were talking about it so much, I finally went on the Wiki site and read all the book summaries. Its so much different, but now I kind of basically know what's going on. Lisa just bought the first book for her Kindle, so I will be reading that now, and I can't wait to get the others! :)

Alright, I'm going to either go read or go to sleep, so g'nighttttt :)

- Katie


Part Time or Full Time?

I know its been two weeks since I posted last, but this post will be REALLY good to make up for it...haha, kidding. It'll probably be the same as all the other ones.

Since I started working at H&M, I've had absolutely no extra time ever. I've been closing a lot, so when I get home at 11 or 11:30, I am super tired and just crash. I finally worked an opening shift yesterday and realized I'd rather be in Tacoma at 8 every morning rather than close. Its so much better, and you only handle customers for 2 hours :P (haha...) Seriously though, its been so busy - I'm scheduled like, 36 hours this week...

Don't get me wrong, I do love working with the customers, but not even trying to be stereotypical here, they are so RUDE! They expect you to do EVERYTHING, they are so needy, and they don't thank you for anything. I think I've had two or three customers I could hold a conversation with at the register, but other than that...its the same old "Hey, how are you? Did you find everything okay?" routine. It gets so boring, and its only like that because people up here are more inverted. They don't want to have small talk or smile and be nice. Its very different than working at Cato where you know every other person who walks in the store and you can talk to someone for 20 minutes while they're sister or husband is shopping next door at Kroger.

I've been on such a Sims kick lately that I have been playing any free minute I have. (Bad, I know. :P) I left both of my Sims disks in GA at my mom's house, so I played on the family computer here when Kaitlyn wasn't on it...which was barely ever by the way. Eventually, I realized I could uninstall Ambitions and just use their Sims 3 disk on my laptop, so now I don't have to fight for the computer anymore (yay!).

I bought Marley this little hanging cat toy thing, its cute.

**So, I wrote this like two days ago, and never freakin posted it. I think I was gonna put more, but oh well. This is all you get for now.

If you read my status on Facebook, then you know why I haven't posted lately. If you didn't, then surely you would have noticed that I haven't posted like 50 times an hour, or maybe you haven't. Haha, I don't care either way, I'm just saying its ridiculous.

Okay, I am going to dry my hair so I can be at work at 9 am. FML

- Katie