Valdosta, Ga :) [Happiness, f'sho]

I MISS VALDOSTA. Seriously!! I am here now, and I've been here since Wednesday night. I feel like I've done so much in a day. haha, I've missed all my bruhs & sorors! I've missed Jordan & Sara, and DEFINITELY Kaleb! This is how my Wednesday went:

Got on the plane from Seattle to Memphis and met a very nice couple who sat next to me. They own a company and offered my boyfriend a job. (nice, right? YEH!)
Then, I dropped an entire cup of water INTO my purse, ruined my next boarding pass, and then when I got off the plane to catch my connecting flight, I had to have a new one printed out. (I don't know HOW it happens, and I don't know if its only me, but I swear EVERY time I fly...I am on the absolute furthest gate from me. Every time.)
So even though Memphis is a small airport, I still had to go to the complete other side to find my gate.
After my 2 hour flight to Jax, Fl I was super excited to see Kaleb, and I felt like it took freaking FOREVER to get off the plane. We were like, the only plane that landed that late...so we were the only ones at baggage claim and all.
Then we drove to Valdosta. (Another 2 hours) and I ended up staying with Tori & Amelia at their awesome dorm in Hopper. We all sat on one bed and talked and talked until we were ALL caught up. (3 girls? You know that took a while) After we got all ready for bed, in our pajamas, tucked in and all - Tori and I had this epiphany...we should go to Steak n Shake at 3 am. So we did.
Yesterday, I went to Kaleb's and watched Harry Potter movies with him for a couple hours (we also had Zaxby's on the way back to his house & I was super happy.) and then he took me back to campus. I got to see the rest of my sisters (YAY! :)) We also went to Hopper Dining. I only liked the rice, and I was VERY upset with their salad. (That used to be the only reason I'd go to Hopper) They've changed venders though, so that's why.

Anyways though, now I'm getting ready to go see my SARA WARRENNNNNN & JORDAN FORDDDDDD! YAYAYAYAY! Seriously, I'm ecstatic. We are going to take pictures in front of the fountain and all, so I will put a few up on here once Sara puts them on Facebook or whatever. :)

I love feeling like a teenager again. Valdosta does it to me. I don't have to worry about work or money or clothes or anything. We just do what we want, say what we want, and go where we want. (And share each others clothes...i couldn't find a way to fit that in. :P) So yeh, I'm going to get ready now.


- Katie

P.S. I must be addicted to blogging. I actually LEFT my laptop in Washington. (I thought it was a good idea because then I could bring an extra carry on back and not check it) I'm starting to think its a bad idea now though. I mean c'mon...now I have to write posts this long because I can only post when I have time, and now when I have a computer. I'm using my lovely Tori Ricker's computer now. (Thanks Tori!) She's in class, so I'm going to get ready now while I'm not in anyone's way. ;)

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