Scratch On My Cornea

I woke up this morning with my eye feeling really funky. After about 3 minutes of walking around doing my thing, I realize it actually just hurts. I went to the bathroom, examined it, and concluded that I had pink eye.

I decided to go to the gym with Keely anyways.

While driving to the gym, it really started bothering me, and once I got there it interfered with my workout, so I decided to go to the eye doctor. Come to find out, I have a 'scratch' on my eye that he described as having a "chunk" taken out of my cornea. Uh, ew. So he put lots of eye drops in...one that numbed my eye - that was really cool, and then he put in this 'bandage' contact. It was basically so that every time I blink, my eyelid doesn't scrape the open nerve endings in my eyeball.

And, I have to put in an eye drop every 15 minutes. And then a stinging antibiotic one 4 times a day. Needless to say, I can only half see out of my left eye and things are getting really frustrating.

First thing I thought: "How the heck did this even happen?"

Yeh, I have no clue. I was at work yesterday when it really started bothering me for the first time, so I'm clueless.

Now, tonight is my 4 year anniversary with Kaleb and I have to sit at home all alone. I was scheduled to work all day, but they had too many people scheduled for dinner shift, so they sent me home. Kaleb has to work. This sucks.

I guess I'll just watch some Vampire Diaries with Ziggy. <3

- Katie


One Year

Well, I have a completely sane reason for not posting anything in like a month. There is this girl at work who just dislikes me for absolutely no reason at all. Like, literally...we were friends one day and the next she refused to talk to me. It was so weird. Might I add, she's like 25. You might think she would be a little more mature than that. Guess not. Anyways, point being - I haven't posted anything in a while because I found out she went on my Facebook and found the link to my blog. She went through it and was making so much fun of me, so I didn't really want to put myself back out there for her to keep making fun of it. Whatever, eff it.

A couple months ago I was driving down the road and thought of an awesome blog post: "Where do you think you will be in a year?"

A year ago, I definitely did not think I would be here. [At the time I thought about the topic] I was still living in Washington a year ago. I worked at H&M in Tacoma. It was hard, we only had one car to share between  3 adults (plus Kaleb when he got there), a 3 bedroom house to share between  6 people, and a cat to take care of. I thought it was such a great decision moving out there and didn't want to come back for a couple years. Thank goodness I did. Thinks have turned out SO much differently than I thought they would. Now, I'm living back in Georgia, working at Longhorn, still living with my sweet boy, and we have another little furchild. :) Marley was amazing. I miss her, but Ziggy is just as cool in a different way. Haha.

I can't believe I'm living with 2 other roommates. I thought after college that would be all. I figured Jordan would be my only roommate ever. Seriously, what was I thinking? Rent is expensive. Yes, Kaleb and I are having out 4 year anniversary in 17 days, but I am okay with us not being married right now. We just have so much on our plate with me in school and both of us working to keep food on the table. I thought you were supposed to have it all figured out by our age, but that is definitely not the case. :P

Where will I be in one year? Who knows...I hope to be about 1 class shy of a college senior, have a better paying job, and a house of my own. (or apartment...) I wonder what I can get done in 12 months.

One thought I had the other day while at work, was that I miss the freedom of expression at H&M so badly. Not just because I could wear whatever I wanted, but because it was actually encouraged. No one made fun of your off-the-wall outfits, and I could flaunt whatever piercings or tattoos I wanted. That was one of the principles there though. When I came back to Georgia and started working at Cato again, I realized how much I missed it, but working at Longhorn makes me miss it SO much more. At H&M I could show up in basically leggings and a tunic or even jeans and a nice tee, but a dress was always acceptable. :) You didn't have to really wear any special shoes, whereas at Cato we had to wear business casual with nice shoes. Longhorn just makes us wear all black and restaurant shoes. Oh so much different.

1. Our Christmas tree. :D
2. Ziggy under the Christmas tree, haha.
3. Ziggy on my bed.
4. Kirsten and I at El Real. We were gonna take a really great picture until our server just ignored us...and then as soon as we were about to take the picture, he walked up and decided to actually help us, so this is all I got and we forgot to take another. <3

- Katie


P.E. & Houses!

The best part about going to the gym when there are a bunch of guys there is that they all give you a dirty ass look wondering why the hell you're walking into the weight room, and then realize you lift almost as much as them.

BAM. No more dirty looks.

The gym wasn't all that great today, I was kind of bummed with my calorie burn, but I know I'm going to be sore tomorrow because I did some work. I did chest (DB bench press, DB flyes, incline press, and the machine flyes). I was going to also do abs, but there were literally about 4 times as many people there today as normal and I didn't really feel comfortable doing my cable crunches with my ass sticking out in front of all those guys...so abs are another day. HAHA

On another note, school is going well. I'm almost positive I'm making an A in every class. I hope so anyway...
I finally signed up for all my classes for next semester and the summer semester. I am taking 16 hours right now, working probably between 20-30 hours a week now, and I'm slammed all the time. Noooo extra time. Next semester I am taking 17 hours and the summer semester I am taking 10. I think I am going to have to work less. Ugh. No more Starbucks.

Tuesday as I was waiting in line to vote, I overheard a conversation between a mother and her high school (? maybe middle school) daughter. The mother was telling her she needed to take a P.E. class so she could get rid of all her energy. The girl said "I have P.E. next semester. I don't like it anyways, it's just exercise. It's supposed  to be fun games, like warball or spiderball."

I just stood there like, are you kidding me? I'm assuming she meant all they did was run and do pushups and situps and stuff like that...but either way, P.E. is P.E. its physical education. Yeh, you run and do exercises. I swear, America needs a reality check man.
Also, it was my first time voting and I was asked if I was even old enough to vote. I was standing in between two older men and they thought it was hilarious.

We have to be moved out of our apartment in like a month. So today we're going to look a house. I'm TOO excited to have a girl roommate. HAHA Halie is moving in with us, yayyyyyyyy :D

I'm going to go wake Kaleb up because that boy doesn't get up unless someone drags him out of bed. I swear, in 75 years when he dies...it's gonna be in his sleep and no one will know for days.

- Katie



So, I have an oral presentation due in uh, I don't know like...an hour.

So far, I've got about 30 seconds worth of stuff to say on it so I sure hope I can make crap up when I get up there. Poem interpreting was like the worst thing that English teachers ever came up with to do. EVER!

Workout this morning was fantastic. I hate my preworkout because it makes me feel sick, but this morning I took almost a serving and a half and felt great. So great that I got through my entire workout without really ever wanting to quit halfway. I feel greatttttt. :D Shoulders are like jello though. 7 more pounds to go until I get my shoes....hopefully. I am too excited. Morgan and I went to the mall yesterday and she was looking at tennis shoes. I WANT MINE SO BAD. But I gotta wait. :(

I want my new tattoo soon too, but they're so freakin expensive. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I'll have it though! Also, I canNOT wait to go see Morgan at school. :) I miss her sooooooo much. Its awful. I love college, but I hate when the people you love move away to go to school.

Also, a BIGGGGGGG shout out to my best friend Taylor! She just started a new blog, and I figured I'd give her a couple posts before I introduced it on here. She's got a couple now and its about her hair growth! She is doing all kinds of things to get it to grow, so you should definitely check it out! -----> KISS <3


- Katie


Mind Blown

Please, someone answer this. I don't know if I'm going insane or if I'm completely missing something...but I've lost this extra dollar.

- Katie


Be Jealous of my Fitbit

This week hasn't been so bad, but if you combine it with the past couple weeks...phew.

I had an English paper (1,200 words) and a psychology paper (just 1 page) due the week before last, and then I had a music test and a psychology test on Monday last week, about a trillion bills due at one time, a Biology test today over 4 chapters...3 graphs due on Tuesday that I couldn't even figure out. And now I've got an oral presentation due on Monday and another test on Thursday.

On top of working 5/7 days of the week. So you know, the two days I have off I should use to study for these things, but usually I sit down to study and end up just falling asleep because I never ever ever get any sleep.

This is how my week usually looks:

Monday: Get up at 5, go to the gym, come home & get ready, classes from 9-12, and then the rest of the day I have off. (This is usually the beginning of my work weekend though because I am off on Mondays and Tuesdays for the most part) So I usually just relax, do a little studying, and maybe clean up a bit.
Tuesday: Get up at 6:30, classes from 8:30-4:45 [my longest school day everrrrrr. like, longer than high school. I've only got 3 classes that day though. Haha], get home anywhere between 5:15 & 6:30, and then I clean or do homework and then go to sleep earlyyyy.
Wednesday: Exactly the same as Monday, but I have to work from 5:30-10:30 (or so...)
Thursday: Get up at 7:30, go to the gym, come home & get ready, classes from 12:30-4:45, come home and study [HA...this is what I'd like to do on Thursdays. Instead, my job schedules me at 5:30 when I clearly will not be there on time, and then have to close. People don't realize that I have a life, so they sit in the restaurant for an hour after close, and then I come home (don't get to study) and go to bed at like 11:30-12:00 after whatever I've got to do at the end of my day.]
Friday: Get up at 5 (after working too late the night before...because you know, other employees are more important than me when I wake up at the same time as them...but that's apparently beside the point.), go to the gym, classes from 9-12, and then be at work again at 5:30. I close on Friday nights [I probably don't leave until around 12 sometimes], and then...
Saturday: Open at work at 10:45, work until about 9pm, come home & go to bed, and then close Sunday night, where the next morning I get up at 5.

I KNOW YOU WANTED TO KNOW THE BREAKDOWN OF MY DAY. So you're very welcome. :) In case you read it all and didn't give a shit...maybe you should have just skipped it. ;)

I'm not saying all this to complain, because I really need to quit complaining so much...but this is my place to vent, so I'm gonna do my thing. :D

Most people that see my blog are from my Facebook, and I'm pretty sure that most people on there know who Keely is. If not...you don't creep enough. LOL ....anyways though, I posted on her wall yesterday telling her what my Fitbit said (if you don't know what a Fitbit is, shame on you. ----> www.fitbit.com)

Daily Stats for 9/12/12:
Calories Burned: 3,146
Steps Taken: 18,341
Miles Traveled: 7.29
Floors Climbed: 27

I went to the gym, walked a good little bit at school, and then ran around at work last night for a long time, so my calorie burn and steps and miles were pretty high up there. They weren't so high today because I didn't stay at the gym long (I completely forgot to take my preworkout before the gym, so when I got there I did about 2 supersets before I was dying. I ended up doing 3 and that was it. [That's 3 sets of 6 exercises if you aren't aware] I didn't realize til I got home though, so then it didn't even matter), sat a lot at school today, and I took off tonight so I could work on some school stuff. So I sat at home.

I will post today's stats tomorrow, because they are finished yet!

Here are some screen shots from my fitbit account online:

Sleep patterns. The top one is from my sleep last night, and the bottom one is from my nap this morning after the gym.

Food. Don't judge my macros, I know they were awful today...LOL And I forgot to update my water before I took the screenshot, so don't yell at me for that either!

"Fitbit Dashboard". Daily Stats and calorie burn breakdown for the day. It's pretty cool. If you hover any give line on that chart, it will say "28 calories burned from 9:05 to 9:10". Each line is in 5 minute increments.

Sooooo, you can get one for $99 and free shipping, make an account, and we can be Fitbit friends! :D

Kaleb is yelling at me saying he needs to computer. Peace out homedogs. <3

- Katie


Music Birdie and High Tops

I wish I had time to post a blog every day again. This time two years ago, about when I started this blog, I was so...not busy. I was taking like 16 hours in school, lived on campus, and was pledging TBS. That was my life.

Now, I'm taking 16 hours, living OFF campus (you wouldn't imagine how much of a difference that makes...they weren't lying when they said you'd do better living on campus), going to the gym, and working pretty much full time. It's really hard to be going to school full time and working full time. I wish I could just work like one day a week, but the little bit extra that I make working 5 or 6 days a week is really needed to pay the bills.

Yes, the gym only takes about an hour a day, but on top of going to the gym I have to eat healthy. (Which has NOT been happening lately...I mean, it has, I guess. I just haven't been doing as well as I usually do) I have to plan my meals ahead of time since I am always running. It's so easy to just stop by McDonald's or Zaxby's on the way to school or work, but I have realized this past week that I can't do that. It just makes me sick because I haven't eaten that stuff in so long. So then I go without eating because I can't get to anything healthy and that doesn't really help either. ANYWAYS, my point is...gym time & healthy eating takes up more time than you'd think because you have to plan and prepare the meals and food ahead of time so it is ready to go. That's why I usually cook up a lot of food on my day off and then put it in a container and take it with me when I go to school or work.

School is going well, like I said I'm taking 16 hours. Biology, Anthropology, English, Music Appreciation, and Psychology. Its a pretty good semester, but I'd love it even more if I wasn't taking that English class. :) It's too time consuming with a job. Ugh.

I'm ALMOST done with core though. I think just one more semester! I'll be TOO glad to be done with that. Now, I just have to make sure Rehab Science/Physical Therapy is what I want to do, because like I've said before, this is my third major, and I want to make sure I don't want to switch once I start my actual major classes. That would suuuuuuck!

Now that we've gotten past all that, I've decided to actually put some effort into my blog again, because it really does relieve stress. AND Google sent me a card for $100 worth of free advertising for my blog! Cool, hunh? :) Thanks Google! Now I just need to have something to advertise. ;)

Weight loss bit:

I have to have little goals to push myself a little harder, because as I'm sure you can see...I fall of the wagon a LOT. My long term goal is clearly to be about 16-18% body fat, and when I reach that (my original deadline was December 17, 2012, but who knows what it will be now?), I plan on getting my bird tattoo made of music symbols.

It will look something like this! :) I am getting it on my rib though, not on my wrist. I'm waiting until my goal because first of all, its an incentive, and second of all, I want something on my torso once I'm skinny...and when I can show it off. ;)

My short term goal for now is that when I reach the 120s I will buy myself my new tennis shoes. They're pretty expensive. I still can't decide if I want some Coach or Michael Kors high tops, or if I want some new Nikes...good thing I have some time to think about it. :D Haha I'm only 8 pounds away! So once I lose these 8 pounds...its goin' down. BAM!

Alright, I have class soon. I should go.

- Katie


Eleven to Ten

I am pretty positive that I forgot I have a blog.

My weeks have been all blending together. And if my weeks are doing that, I'm sure you know that my days seem like one long, never ending day. I wake up, go to the gym, come home & clean/shower, go to work, come home & go to bed, repeat. I do that for 5 days straight, and then I have two days off. Every week. Its. So. Boring.

Anyways, things have been going well at the gym. I've eaten REALLY badly today. Mostly because I worked alllllll day and only had a 30 minute break. Usually I would wake up on a day that I work a volume and eat about 600 or 700 calories before I even leave for work. Today I forgot to eat before work, so I starved until 4 pm. (9:30 am - 4 pm...I should have eaten 3 times in that time period. THREE.) I ended up eating a nice, yummy, non-healthy-living meal. A 6 oz Sirloin with a LARGE sweet potato with cinnamon sugar (extra) AND butter. Plus fries. Holy shiz. I didn't care. I ate every. Single. Bite. And I had ketchup. :D

Then I came home and had a healthy taco salad minus avocado, because for some freaking odd reason the avocados I bought just will not ripen and they are super hard. I like soft avocados.

I am ready for the gym tomorrow, FOR SURE. I feel icky. Even though I've probably had about a quarter of the calories I was supposed to have today. And I was on my feet from 10:45-4 and then from 4:30-9:45. Nonstop. Other than my 30 minute break, so I burned probably about as much as I ate today. LOL

My computer has 8% left and I still have to post this on FB (where I will end up spending about 6% of my battery on afterwards while creeping) so I should wrap this up.

Peace Out Homiesssss :)

- Katie


Longest Post Ever

I was sitting at the house today after I went to the gym, trying to figure out what I was going to do for like 5 hours.

First thing I did? Search Pinterest for cute outfits. As I'm looking, I came across a really cute crochet pattern. Eventually I found a pattern for a really cute spiral potholder. So I grabbed my yarn and went at it. It turned out so cute! I'm going to make more, but next time I'm going to make it bigger, because it barely holds my small skillet! Don't judge my picture, because I'm aware that there are a couple loose stitches and some crooked ones, buttttttt...it's still cute. :) Here is the tutorial I followed: clickkkkkk

After I finished that, I wanted to try another project I've kind of been putting off. I don't know if you've seen the pin that's on Pinterest for making a plastic bag 'dispenser' out of a lysol container...but this is the link to the tutorial: click here!

Well, I was going to make that but I ended up using a different container and basically already made that. So I kept my Lysol disinfectant wipe container that I was saving for it in the laundry room. I have seen it every time I walked into the laundry room for the past couple weeks and I just wanted to put it to use!

I mod podged some fabric on it today (and then spilled half my bottle of mod podge on the carpet...oops :P) and filled it with the cat food. YAY cute container. :) [P.s. The BF had to cut the plastic off with a razor blade so that it was an empty circle and not the little wipes dispenser...if you get what I'm saying. I'm really not sure how he did it because I didn't watch, but I know he used a razor blade and broke random pieces off.]

And for the last part of this post: Yesterday's menu! (I know, I know...we're all so excited. :))

Before I start, I just want everyone to know that I had a very long visit to the ER yesterday. (3 hours...not really that long, but too long for me. I get cranky.) I ate breakfast before I went, and then I ate after I left...and then I had a I'm-Still-A-Child-And-I-Want-A-Treat-After-The-Doctor treat. ;)

Breakfast: Oats with a Banana
Lunch: Subway - Turkey & Avocado (no bacon) with tomato, cucumber, olives, and provolone.
Treat: Small Reese's Blizzard from DQ

I'm pretty sure at the end of the day I also had 2 chocolate chip cookies and a shrimp quesadilla around midnight....LOL

Yesterday was rough. I'm not sure if I put it on here, but I also had 1/3 of a molten lava cake at work with my mom and brother on Friday night too! (Between that and the blizzard...that was my cheat meal this week...so I didn't officially have one)

Today I've had:

Breakfast #1: Oats & a Banana
Breakfast #2: Skinny Cow Ice Cream & Ezekial Cinnamon Raisin english muffin with Walden Farms apple butter!! <--- THE shit. The whole thing, not the just the apple butter.
Lunch #1: Shrimp Quesadilla
Lunch #2: Special K - Cinnamon Pecan
Snack: 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies....

Yeh, they were just sitting there all yummy-looking and stuff. I need to get rid of them because I baked them for Jay & Kaleb and they are not eating them. I am. lasdfa;dsf So yeh, today is going to end well. I'm going to stay on my meal plan for the rest of the day and tomorrow is starting a new week :)

- Katie



I got my car back yesterday. But JUST in case it didn't give me enough problems, it made sure not to start when I tried to go to Keely's last night or the gym this morning. I had to have it jumped last night and drove it around a little to charge up the battery, but now its dead again. Just my luck. Also, I have to invest another $200-$300 dollars in that damn thing. FANTASTIC.

On a happier note, here is my menu from yesterday:

Breakfast (pre-workout) - Oats
Breakfast (post-workout) - Protein Brownie & Turtle Sundae (Smart Ones brand)
Lunch #1 - Shrimp Quesadilla & Carrots
Dinner #1 - 2 pieces of pizza. (Oops. :P) It was the Walmart brand, and they were both about the size of one regular piece when put together!
Dinner #1 - Tilapia &  Carrots

I ate 1180 calories, and was DEFINITELY under my 1730 goal. We also did legs yesterday, so I was supposed to eat a little more. Oops.

I've been trying to eat most of my calories before I go to work so I won't eat there, and so that when I get home I can eat a tiny last meal and get ready for bed. This is what I've had today though:

Breakfast #1 - Egg & Cheese Sandwich
Lunch #1 - Shrimp Quesadilla
Lunch #1 - Granola & Almond milk with a banana
Snacks - Banana and Almonds

I'm taking 2 homemade protein bars to work to snack on, and I will probably just make a protein shake when I get home for my last meal. I'm trying to figure out exactly how I am supposed to eat/spread out my meals on work days since I am not allowed to take food to work. :( On days when I am a double, I usually just order something at work. I usually just get plain grilled chicken with plain steamed broccoli and a sweet potato, dry (I put splenda on it, or stevia if I remember to bring some). When I get tired of that I get plain grilled shrimp with rice pilaf and a sweet potato (same way) or some broccoli (the same way). It gets boring, but there's only so many things I can eat there that don't cost a fortune....Haha. Its a little hard working at a steakhouse and having to watch everyone else eat $20 steaks. I tryyyyyyy to stay away from red meat though. Its good to have about once a week, but I usually get carried away if I eat it.

Actually, like 2 nights ago Kaleb and I went to his parent's house and we had an AMAZING meal that his mom cooked. I'm not gonna lie, I had like 2 pieces of bread (WITH butter. ;)) and some dessert, but other than that it was good! I had a t-bone steak, a sweet potato, and some corn. I think that's all...I don't remember. I know we haven't had ANY groceries lately though, so I gained a couple pounds a week or two ago.

I guess I'll stop ranting now. I have pool hair and I'm still wearing my swim suit from earlier, and I have to be at work in an hour. :P

- Katie


Work Hard, Play Hard

Today's menu:

Breakfast (pre-workout) - Oatmeal
Breakfast (post-workout) - Protein brownie & Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich
Lunch # 1 - Shrimp Quesadilla
Lunch # 2 - Tilapia, Brown Rice, and Carrots
Dinner # 1 - Chicken, Green Beans, and Sweet Potato Fries
Dinner # 1 - Ezekial Bread with Almond Butter
Snacks - Plum, White Cheddar Rice Cakes, and a Banana

I will post the ingredients/recipes for the unexplainable items at the bottom of this post!

I've never been the girl to take pictures at the beach or to post bikini pictures on line, but I guess another way to keep myself motivated is to show others so they can just keep on-a-judgin' me. ;) HAHAHA, kidding. But seriously, I mean...I don't do it so people will just judge me, but I do expect them to keep me accountable.

Anyway, I've never taken a picture in a bikini before, so the best I've got is a fully clothed picture of me standing about the same way. :) 

Today's workout was shoulders, arms, and abs, and it was FANTABULOUS!

I am making pumpkin protein bars tonight, and I'm thinking about making up another flavor one. Something to do with bananas. YUM. :))

Oatmeal: 1/2 cup Quick Oats, 3g Stevia, & 5g sugar free, fat free cheesecake Jello flavoring. Add almond milk, skim milk, or water until desired consistency and cook in microwave 45-60 seconds.

Protein Brownie: 1 scoop protein powder, add enough water to make a thick paste, and then add a couple drops more. Stir and cook in microwave for 20-30 seconds. (Just until its almost cooked. If you cooked it all the way, it will be super dry). Put Skinny Cow ice cream (or any other type of low calorie/fat/sugar dessert on top).

Shrimp Quesadilla: Same as my Chicken Quesadilla, but substitute shrimp. :)

Carrots: I just have to put this one on here because I thought it was different. I put one cup of sliced, frozen carrots into a pot with 1 cup of water. Let boil for a couple minutes, and then add a dash of salt (I used kosher) and two packets of Truvia. Cover and let simmer.

Sweet Potato Fries: I cut a sweet potato so that it weighed 84g. Cut into small, fry-size pieces. Get a plastic baggie and fill a small (very small...I put too much!) amount of pepper, some salt (I used kosher) and a bit of olive oil. Toss the fries in the baggie and shake up to coat each one with the mixture. Place on covered cookie sheet and bake at 400 degrees. 5 minutes on each side. 

I have many many many yummy recipes, and I think I am about to start posting them on here, so check back soon! :)

- Katie


Macy comes home TODAY. Yayyyyyyy :) It is awful not having a car. I feel like a bum asking for rides or having to walk anywhere. Blegh. Today's agenda:

1. Go to gym with Keely and be ecstatic because we haven't gone in a WEEK. I'm literally dying. I feel like I've gained 10 pounds. (I haven't though, don't worry ;) )
2. Lay around the house and look at how dirty it is, but refuse to clean.
3. Wake Kaleb up too early for his taste and make him drive me to Guyton to go get my carrrrrrrr! <3
4. Go to the pool and/or repeat number 2.

Best sounding day of my life.

Now, seeing as how Keely will be here to pick me up in about 3 minutes (HA, not...she will be 5 minutes late just like usual. ;) ) I should probably not be sitting on the computer...so I guess I will go take my pre-workout and leave. There will be a part two to this I think. Because I have a lot going on in my life, and I'm pretty sure you all want to know every bit of it, so I'll have to come back later and tell you. :)

- Katie



I literally have one of the worst senses of humor in the entire world. Things that should be funny - I don't understand. Things that are inappropriate are frieken hilarious to me. Things that most people don't find funny at all, I will laugh about for 20 minutes.

If I ever say something to you and walk away laughing, just go with it.

Also, why do people have to be such bitchbags. I mean seriously? When you go out to eat, WAIT UNTIL THEY CALL YOU. Don't stand right beside the host and ask how much longer. I LITERALLY had a party tonight stand right behind me, and watched every move I made. I had 3 tables cleared off that I was about to seat with smaller parties, and before I got the chance, these douchebags made sure to ask me about 20 times why I couldn't seat them there. ITS NOT YOUR FRIEKING TURN. Go away. I had a mini meltdown because they wouldn't get off my dick. I accidentally sat them at a table I was saving for a 20 person party. We got them to move though.

Seriously, just leave people the hell alone. We don't forget about you, its just not your frieking turn.

There was another party tonight: a family of four. I gave them the choice between a high top in the bar and a booth. They said they didn't want the high top because there would be too much traffic, so I took them to the booth. About a minute and a half later, they walk out because there was too much traffic walking by their table. Well HELLO...you just waited FORTY-FIVE minutes for a table because it was so busy. Did you just think that when you sat down all of a sudden we were going to lose all of our business and the world would revolve around you? Geez. I really don't hate all of our customers...but they do NOT make our lives easy. Don't go out to eat on a Saturday night if you don't want to deal with the wait or the busyness. (I don't know if that's a word, but it is now.)

Please just stay home if you can't go out in public without being a complete asshole.

- Katie


Chicken Quesadilla!

I have discovered an amAZING recipe. Seriously, its just a chicken quesadilla, but I don't care. :)


1. Grab a small skillet and turn stove on medium heat (maybe one notch higher).
2. Warm a CORN tortilla (not flour). Allow to bubble on each side before flipping. Put it aside with a piece of reduced fat provolone cheese on top to start melting.
3. Chop up some precooked boneless, skinless, grilled chicken (1 serving = 4 oz raw, or about 2.5 oz cooked) and put it on top of the cheese. (I popped mine in the microwave for about 30-45 seconds first since it was in the fridge.
4. Warm another tortilla. Once done, place on top of chicken.
5. Put the quesadilla back on the skillet to warm up a little more and to melt the cheese.
6. Eat it fast, that shit is tasty.

Here is the nutritional breakdown:

Calories: 260
Fat: 5.5
Carbs: 16
Protein: 33

I have some more amazing recipes I REALLY want to share, but I have 8% battery life right now on my laptop and I have to be at work in like, 20 minutes. Peace outttt :)

- Katie



So Macy broke down last week. I think it was like Thursday or something. Apparently my fuel pump went out. FML, right? RIGHT.

So I'm at work yesterday, having the worst day ever...and I get a call from the lady at the car shop.

"...So, I've got the bad news - its your fuel pump."
I was like yeh, that's what we figured. How much is it gonna be?
"Well the labor alone is $264.15."

Then my day went from bad to insanely awful. LUCKILY (Thank God...literally) I know someone who knows someone and I'm getting a fuel pump for SUPER cheap. ($200) They are normally between $300 and $700. I DIED when I heard that...you know, before I was told that I had connections. THEN, after I found out that I was already up to $464.15, I was informed that I must also buy a fuel filter to go with it or it couldn't be warrantied out. Those, can be anywhere between $15 and $70. I learned today, that to buy it with my pump...its an extra $100. I'm buying a $20 one from AutoZone.

Long story short: its gonna be about $500 to fix my car, and I can't even get it back for like a week or longer.

The house is getting clean though.

- Katie


Gym Bitches

So, like I've said before, there are blocks of time when you can go to the gym and ACTUALLY get the chance to work out. Any time before about 8 am, around lunch time is okay until about 4 pm, and then from like 8:30 pm until like 8 the next morning.

I. Absolutely. Despise. going during those blocks of time when there's just a shit ton of people there. Its usually sluts with their other little girlfriends prancing on the treadmill or attempting to do some abs. Ugh. You're taking up my space. You can do that crap at home. Like, for REAL. And then the guys that are there...are absolute douche bags. They are there to show off their muscles and try to impress/pick up chicks. ;asdfkajsd

I'm not like one of those girls who is super competitive or anything about working out, but just don't waste my time or the space in the gym that I need to get MY stuff done. I think over the 7 months I've been working out on the regular, I've seen about TWO females who actually knew what they were doing.

I had to get that out of my system. Blegh.

I'm chowin' down on some leftover grilled chicken and steamed green beans from dinner last night. :) YUM. (Thanks Sonia)

Other than that, I'm just chillin' at the apartment. Ziggy is sleeping, so for the next like 30 minutes, I don't have to deal with a kitten trying to tear everything up. I'm waiting on Keely to let me know when we are going back to the gym, and I am waiting on Courtney to call me so I can help her move in.

Keely's wedding is in THREE days!! I went to Savannah and got my shoes the other day. They're heels. I don't walk in heels well. I'm scared this is going to turn out badly...haha

- Katie


Bridesmaids and Basketball

The other day, I was asked to post. I guess I've been slackin' a little. :) Mahhh B. ;)

So Misty and I ordered our bridesmaids' dresses for Keely & Scott's wedding! We are SO excited. I won't post a picture yet. We'll keep everything a secret until the wedding. Hehe

I also have another secret for you, but you'll have to wait for it. Just keep checking back. ;)

Our kitten is getting so big! We got him a little house/condo/scratch post thing. Its so cool. I love those things. We got him a $4 playcubething at Dollar General last week. He plays with it SO much. They thought he'd hate it.

Work is going well.

My grandpa is in the hospital. He has Pancreatitis. I've never had to see someone go through anything like this before, and it is so awful to go to the hospital and see him in so much pain. He's on so many meds that I can barely understand what he says when he's talking to me, and he always wants to be asleep. I understand why he always wants to sleep, I mean the medicine makes him drowsy and all, its just not like him. I hate it.

Today was the last of 2 days off I had this week. Wednesday-Sunday I work every day. <-- YAY for money. :)

I'm off to 'watch' this playoff game with the boys. Ugh.

- Katie



I've been working hard this weekend! Double on Friday and Saturday, and then I worked tonight. I was supposed to be a double today also, but to be completely honest, I'm glad I didn't. I needed that extra sleep time. I also got the chance to make a trip to the store finally! I still need to go again, because we are definitely needing a couple things, but I just really didn't feel like getting everything today.

I am such a bargain shopper. I will spend 50 cents on a toothpaste once just to make sure its not as good as the expensive kind. I mean hey, if it is then you know from then on that you can spend 50 cents on a tube of toothpaste from the dollar store instead of 3.50 on one from Walmart. (That was just an example, I'm not gonna lie...I'm a freaking toothpaste snob. That's okay though, because I do use dollar store brand other things. :))

So, I haven't used Facebook much lately so I haven't had the chance to tell everyone, but we got a kitten! He showed up at Hannah's door one night after a storm and wouldn't leave so she posted him on Facebook asking someone to take him. We've been wanting a cat anyways, so I got him! We took him to the vet the next day and got his shots and tests done. He's nine weeks old (about ten now) and we named him Ziggy. :) :) He is absolutely the cutest thing in the world! I really miss Marley, but I can't get her back now.

I guess I'm going to get ready for bed. I'll probably post in another 3 weeks. :)

- Katie


Oh So Productive

Today has been SO productive. I have had a million things I've been planning on doing and I finally got the chance to do them all. :) I finally had time to melt down all the old candles I have. I poured them into clean glass containers I had and made some new layered candles. Also, I was able to clean out those candle jars so that I could use them for different candles whenever I have enough wax to fill those.

The first picture is an old candle jar that I had and was boiling it to melt the rest of the wax to use as a layer in another candle. The second picture is the same jar after I cleaned it out with olive oil. I tried olive oil and vinegar, since that's what I found that people online said would work. The olive oil worked WAY better though. It was amazing, it rubbed out the soot and the wax! I just put it on a paper towel and went to it. Afterwards I just scrubbed the jar with a dish brush with soap in it and got rid of the extra oil. The next picture is a different jar I was also making into a candle. I got my wick, fit it to touch the bottom, and then wrapped the excess around a pen and laid it across the top of the jar. The fourth picture is the finished product. And then the last picture is just another candle I made. :)

Also, I made these zucchini turkey burgers that Jamie Eason has online a while back. They were so freaking good. I bought the stuff to make them again, and began that today, but then I realized that I still don't have half the seasonings I need, so I will get that and do it another day :)

Last, I actually started making my healthy recipes again. I am ECSTATIC about. Because believe it or not, the recipes are super tasty. MMMMM. At the moment, I am waiting on my protein bars to harden up in the fridge, and I'm waiting on a weeks worth of steel cut oats to finish slow cooking in my crock pot! I'm making apple pie oatmeal. It's a mix between like three different recipes that I found, so I hope it turns out okay!

- Katie


Good Luck

Working in a restaurant is nonstop work. Like, if my family were to come in and eat while I was there, I would probably not even get the chance to talk to them for more than 2 minutes. People come in all the time and then a week later they're like 'Thanks for ignoring me at Longhorn'. And then I'm like 'I didn't know you were there'. 'But you looked right at me'. No...I probably looked right through you. Lol

Seriously, I have a one track mind at work, and I usually don't even notice the customers. Hahaha. I know that sounds awful, but unless I'm greeting, I usually don't have to. When I'm bussing, I just worry about getting the tables clean so we can seat more customers so we can get off the wait. I feel really bad when people come to me later and think I was just ignoring them. This post is just to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy. I'm not ignoring you. I just don't see you. Yell at me and stop me next time, and I will stop and talk. :)

On another note, I am SO glad I had 3 days off in a row after this weekend. Mother's Day is a restaurant's busiest day of the year. We had every single hostess working that day. That never happens. Anyways though, Sunday was super super busy. I was really really sick (thanks baby). My mom told me today she thought I had a sinus infection. I don't think that sounds as bad as it actually was. I'm pretty sure I was dying. The whole point of me saying all this is that I was sick on Friday but I worked, and then I got really sick on Saturday and called out. Then on Sunday, I was pretty sure I'd get fired if I called out, so even though I was dying, I went into work. We all had to work really long hours that day. I ended up working 10:00 am to 9:00 pm. I was literally begging the managers to let me go home. Haha I am glad I had these three days off though because I've had the chance to kind of recoup and get better. I still had to get up and do stuff, so I couldn't just lay in bed all day like I really wanted to...but who ever gets to do that? :P

I went to the gym tonight with Keely. Ever since we've been working out together again, it has been INTENSE. I love it so much. I don't think we even worked out this hard before we stopped working out together. Its great to have a workout buddy because it pushes you to do more. Not that I wasn't doing enough on my own, but I definitely wasn't working this hard. I've already lost 2 more pounds. (You know, since like my frieken 2 month plateau. Yeah, it wasn't exactly a plateau, it was just me being a dumbass eating who knows what, not going to the gym every day like I was supposed to.) I have lost thirty nine pounds. One moreeeeeeeeeeeee and I will have officially lost forty. YAY :) :) I won't have to round up anymore. HAHA

I guess its time to end this post now. :)

Goooood night <3

- Katie


Such A Sad Loss

I accidentally flushed my fitbit down the toilet yesterday morning. I haven't mourned yet.

I feel so lost. I have to count how many floors I walk up every day now. I don't have something telling me how many calories I've burned, and I can't keep track of all my stuff at the gym anymore. :'(

I'm getting another. So worth the extra $100 dollars. If you don't have one yet, invest in one. Right this second. FITBIT <3 <---- GO.

- Katie


Motivating Motivator

1 year ago. LOL 180-140 (well, actually 143, but I just kind of want to round down...Haha)

I haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks and one day. 15 days. Without the gym. And lots of shit food. My weight has fluctuated a little (aka. I gained a couple pounds, bitch.), but I decided to post tonight so that people could be inspired, I guess. Maybe more motivated than inspired. I wanted people to know that even though I lost all that weight, I DEFINITELY still have obstacles. Working at a restaurant that I freaking LOVE is awfulllllll. I love it, but it is so tempting. I used to order food like, every day when I first started...but I am getting better now. Eventually I won't order any more. I'm back to measuring out my almonds and eating fish and rice. Yum...I had my first 'right' meal today since like, 2 weeks ago. Not even kidding...the only meal I eat like I'm supposed to is my oats in the morning. I've stayed loyal to my oats through this hard time. Hahaha

Anyways, point of my post: If you're also in the process of losing weight, or want to start the process, don't be discouraged just because you gain a pound or go a couple weeks maintaining, but not losing. I promise, it has happened to me more times than I can count. It took me 3 WEEKS to lose one pound at one point. I was stuck at 151 that whole time. Then, I lost a couple pounds in the next two weeks and then got stuck for another 3 weeks at 148. It happens, so don't give up or be all sad when it does.

I forgot to say this back when it mattered, but I'll throw it in now. :) I took a picture tonight because I thought I was going to look super fat. I was so scared, because I mean...I'm like 2 pounds heavier. That doesn't seem like a lot, but since muscle weighs more than fat, if I've lost any muscle mass, I could have gained that weight back in fat! :(

I was only going to post the picture and '1 year ago. LOL'. Then, my brain decided to go to work.

- Katie

P.S. Sorry for the sound thing stuck in the after picture. I took a screen shot and muted it right before. Guess I was too ninja fast for my own good. :)


9 Hours Later

That moment when you're at work and a Facebook friend walks in, but you don't ever really talk in real life anymore...

Yeh. It's awkward as hell. I mean, its not like I don't know her - I totally do...I just haven't talked to her in like 4 years. So I decided it was time to delete her on Facebook. HAHA

Sometimes I feel really selfish if I only talk about gym stuff on my blog because I feel like people want to read stuff other than what I did at the gym or whatever, but then I realize its MY blog. I can talk about whatever I want.

The whole reason I even created this blog was to give myself a place to rant. I even explained what happened throughout my day and an average college kid. I guess when I quit school and started working I kind of just changed it to a rant-only blog. Or like, a place I could just talk about whatever the heck I wanted to talk about. Either way - I enjoy having a place I can get all my thoughts out.

I honestly think I am kind of funny, so I like to think that people enjoy reading what I write, and I like to just pretend like I'm famous. HAHA Oh my goodness sake. I swear I'm like, delusional right now or something. I have been up WAYY too long today.

I got up at 6:00 am to be at work in Rincon by 7:00. We closed the store for inventory, and by about 7:15-7:30, we realized 3 of the people who were scheduled were NOT coming. I've never done inventory for Cato, but I can guarantee it was one of the worst in history. I didn't leave today until almost 4:30 in the afternoon. I planned on going to Springfield to the big gym for the first time in like, a month or longer. I planned on going to see Kaleb before he had to go to work. I planned on going to Walmart today. I don't even know what else I planned, but there was a lot going on in my head! By the time 2:00 rolled around, I was ready to chop someone's head off. The beeping from all those little scanners and having to count and recount 50 shirts at a time. Oh my gosh, it was horribleeeeee. It took us longer to do our store than it did when I did inventory for H&M!! H&M is like, 5 times bigger!

I was going to go to the gym, but I am absolutely exhausted. I'm going to go to sleep so I can go to the gym in the morning. :) Nighty night.

- Katie


Pre-Workout Ritual

I've realized that I have this weird 10-15 minute ritual before any workout. Hahaha...

So, first...I get to the gym on time. You know, to start working out within like, 5 minutes or so. (I time it so that I start my workout exactly 1 hour after I finish eating my pre-workout meal.) BUT I never start on time because I have to do the following:

1. Put my stuff away in my gym bag and take everything out of my bag that I am going to need for my workout. (Book, gloves, water, pen, & phone (for my stopwatch))
2. Get on Facebook. I have to make sure that I have no notifications or else I'll just sit there and think about it during my workout. Seriously. And if I have something, it just takes forever because I have to tend to it before anything else.
3. Take pre-workout pictures. You know, so I can compare to my post-workout pictures. (This is optional...I only do it on days when I feel really motivated that I'm going to do well or on days that I feel really really skinny.)
4. Go to the bathroom. Its the worst feeling in the world to be in the middle of an exercise and all of a sudden you have to pee. (I mean seriously, it just takes extra long between sets, pulls your heart rate down, etc. blegh)
5. Make sure I look okay. I mean, I don't want to go out in the gym with toilet paper on my shoe or have my boob hanging out of my top.
6. Make sure my hair is okay...I hate having my hair flopping around during cardio, and I hate wearing a low pony on days when I have to lay down on the bench or something because it just hurts and distracts me from my exercise.
7. Write everything down in my book for the day. (Date, day of the week, muscle group, exercises with reps/sets, and last but not least, my starting info on my fitbit. That includes steps, miles, and calories burned before my workout. Oh, and the time I start lifting.)
8. Check myself in the full length mirror one last time, and then focus on the task at hand...showing them guys that I know what I'm doing in there. LOL

So then, I end up starting about 10 minutes later than I originally expected. You'd think I would just get to the gym earlier...but if I did, I'd probably just end up taking twice as long and starting at the same time anyways...so I don't even attempt.

I don't know if you're wondering...but if you are, I'll explain a couple things. If you're not...just skip this part :)

I guess the only thing to wonder about is my fitbit. I posted on FB a little while back when I got it...but it is this little device that I wear all day, every day. It tells me how many steps I've taken, how many miles I've traveled, how many calories I've burned, how many flights of stairs [or floors] I've climbed, how 'active' I am, and what time it is. (It also calculates things like my sleep patterns, calories in vs out, lots of other cool stuff!) BUT, the point of that being...I record my starting and ending steps/miles/cals so I can see at the end of my workout how well I'm doing. It is very helpful to go back a month or so ago and see how far I've come, or if I've gotten any worse. Also, I record what time I begin lifting weights and what time I stop because I have to go onto the fitbit app (or website) and add 'weightlifting' as an activity. It can't really tell me how many calories I've burned like it would if I was running because I am standing still and it can't tell when I just move my arms or whatever. Anyways though, I have to choose my activity and then say how long I did it for. It already knows my weight and height and all because I have a profile...obviously. Lol :)

Soooooo....I know you just THOROUGHLY enjoyed that amazing little bit of my life. ;) I have to go to bed because I'm working lunch tomorrow. :(/:) I hope I can go to the doctor soon. I think I have tonsillitis or something...and I need some antibiotics. Blegh.

- Katie


Moving Out

I'm not really sure a lot of people know...not that this is some huge deal or anything, but Kaleb and I are MOVING OUT. Yay! So excited...like, words can't even describe how excited we are. We are moving in with one of our friends for now, but I'm so happy that we aren't going to be living with our parents anymore. I mean, I love them...and they really do help a lot...but I'm excited to live on my own. The bill paying is a sad part, but quite honestly, we are already paying a crap ton for things we don't really need anyways. And when I say 'things', I mean unnecessary gas. HAHA

I, personally, have been spending about $400 a month in gas. RIDICULOUS. Its my job at Cato. Its been a little better since I just got my new job at Longhorn, because I've mostly been working there and its 15 minutes closer to my house. Our new place is going to be like...2 minutes from each of our jobs. So...gas is going to be SOOOOO much cheaper. I'm happy about that.

The day is Thursday. He is moving his stuff in on Thursday morning while I am at work, and then when I get off we'll go get my stuff and then stay the night there. WOO. :) :) This is the second to last night I'll be sleeping at my grandma's. I love them, but YAY.

Okay...I promise I am done with talking about that now. :)

I haven't been to the gym since THURSDAY. I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms. Friday I walked around Atlanta a lot...so I guess that was a little more exercise than I would have gotten if I had just sat at home, right? I wanted to go to the fitness center at the hotel, but I didn't have enough time. Saturday was our run, so that was kind of like my Sunday workout...just cardio. And Sunday (yesterday), I didn't go because I worked and I figured Easter was a good day to just have a complete rest day. I REALLY need to get up and go tonight. I think I'm going to let my dinner settle and then go up there later because I. Feel. Icky.

- Katie


Color Runner 2012

This weekend was jam packed, frustrating, busy, a tiny bit scary and I got lost...a LOT, but it was AWESOME. :)

After work on Thursday, I spent the night at Hannah's house. We ended up going to Walmart and staying up to pack a while longer than we thought and didn't get to sleep until around 2 or 2:30...and we had to be up at 5:30 to leave by 6. We ended up leaving at 6:30...but that is still pretty good for how little sleep we got. Anyways, so we drove to Atlanta in like 4.5 hours because of all of our stops and getting lost. The GA aquarium was first on our list. After that, we had to find the hotel in downtown ATL. I just want to say...it was absolutely one of the worst experiences in my life. I ended up driving to the hotel by myself...my GPS took me through the ghetto, and then when I finally found the hotel, I had to figure out somewhere to park because I didn't want to pay the $30 valet fee.

Needless to say, after about 15 minutes of driving around the same blocks, I decided valet was my best option...at least no one would break into my car. :) Altogether, it took me like 45 minutes to get to the hotel...which was like 6 minutes away from the aquarium. HAHA

This morning I woke up at 5:15 to get ready and pack everything up. We were supposed to leave at 6:15 to hopefully be there by 7, but we ended up leaving late again...and got to the track around 7:30. We registered, picked up our packets and went back to sit in my heated car. It was absolutely freezing this morning!

This was a first for both of us, so we weren't sure what to expect, but I was told that if its your first 5K and you run the whole thing, you should finish in around 30 minutes...I was hoping I could finish in like 25 or so, but that did not happen. I did finish in under 30 minutes though! (by like 30 seconds or something...haha.) I don't care though, I'm happy I did it. I will definitely have to sign up for another before June so I can fulfill my New Years Resolution because I didn't run all of it. I ran for like 15 minutes before I had to walk...I got to the 3rd color, which was 3 kilometers. I walked most of the 4th kilometer, and then ran the last one. I sure hope I will be able to train for a half marathon at the end of the year...maybe I should just change that to a 10K...hahaha :)

Here is my before and after:

- Katie


3 Days Left!

Today was a PERFECT day. :)

I woke up at 6:30 and went to the gym super early before most people got there. I had a great workout. Then, I went to Kaleb's and took an hour nap with him before he had to wake up to get ready for work. After he left I cleaned up a little, did some laundry, and started reading the 3rd PLL book on my nook. I got so caught up and ended up reading almost ALL of it in one day. Oops! :)

I worked at Cato tonight, so I got ready and headed off to work...stopping by Subway on my way. (YUM. <3...This also made my day!)

After work I was driving home, but Macy started actin' up, and I was about to be at Kaleb's road, so I just pulled in there and tried to make my lights work. They wouldn't...so I just went on to his house and ended up staying there for a little while. I decided I wanted to go to the gym again, so I changed and headed back to Pooler. I had an even BETTER workout tonight than I did this morning, so now I'm super tired.

I am so excited to sleep in tomorrow. Haha...seriously. Ecstatic. Kaleb gets to sleep in super long tomorrow too. (I know he's happy about that.) I am working at LongHorn tomorrow night and Thursday night before I head off to Hotlanta with the Cookes (& Monique...although she's kind of included. ;)) so, so, SO excited for our 5K. I've decided I will NOT be running all of it. I will just do another before June, but I am excited because it will be so much fun. I mean how can you not enjoy looking like a rainbow at the end of a 3 mile run/walk?!

Anyways, I am going to read a little more of this book and head of to bed. :)

- Katie


Reading Makes the Brain Smarter

Well, I had my 'surgery' 3 days ago, and I haven't gone to the gym since that morning beforehand. So 3 days of missing the gym. :( I am getting really anxious. I would go if I knew that my mouth wouldn't hurt. UGH.

I continue to get messages from people asking about my workout routine or what I eat or whatever. Its cool...I'm happy that people are so interested in what I've done. I think its quite funny though that people are scared to message me. I mean, I get it...Keely and I had kind of grown apart when I asked her about everything, so I was a little nervous too...I just think its funny. I get a giggle out of it when they tell me they were scared to ask me about any of it.

I have like, 1 or 2 episodes left of Switched at Birth until I've watched the whole first season :) I'm making myself stop for today though so I can read some Pretty Little Liars books! I am almost done with the second one, and I have the third and fourth on my nook. Once I'm done with ALLLL of them...I'm going to start reading the Lying Game series. I bought the first one yesterday at Barnes and Noble :)

Kaleb is going to read the Hunger Games. I'm excited because then I can finally talk to him about everything in it. I hate when he wants to wait and just see the movies, because we can't talk about any of the other books. :( I'm such a nerd. Oh well!

I feel so freaking lazy. OMG. I seriously think I'm going to get cleaned up in a little bit and hit up the gym. I haven't run in almost a week...and my 5K is one week from today. I might just have to walk part of this one and then sign up for another one later on...my goal was to run a 5K by June anyways. Not April. We'll see though. I am SOOO excited Hannah is doing the race too! Hopefully we can finish it together, but if not...I'm still glad she is doing it! We are driving up there next Friday I think...I am TOO excited. :)

- Katie



Tonight was my first night working at LongHorn! It was alright...I think I learned pretty quickly. It wasn't too hectic, so I was able to actually do, and not just stand around.

My mouth hurts like a mofo.

My legs are sore from Tuesday.

I had to skip the gym today. I am pissed.

I don't know why, but of all the muscle groups I work, my legs and my chest are the only two that get sore. Well, my abs get a little sore sometimes too, but my arms, back, or shoulders just don't get sore.

I'm too tired to type anything else.


- Katie


Busy Days Ahead!

Progress Pics Album

Exactly what that says... :)

Last night was so rough. I was laying in bed talking to Kaleb right after he got off work, and pretty soon after I decided it was time to go to sleep. As SOON as I fall asleep, I wake up to a call from him, so I pick up. He started yelling and I was so upset thinking I did something. I realized about 10 seconds later that he'd gotten in a car wreck. So I rolled out of bed, and drove out to the accident. Thank goodness he (and the other guy) are perfectly fine. A deer ran out in front of the guy he was riding behind and Kaleb ended up rear ending his friend. Kaleb's car is so messed up that he has to get a new one. :( But like I said, THANK GOODNESS he is fine. Ahh, its like my worst fear in the world for him to call me and say he got in a car wreck. :(

Anyways, I ended up staying at his house last night because I didn't want to drive back home at 2 am (when I go to bed at like...9 or 10 usually...although its 11:15 now, but anyways...). I probably didn't go to sleep until around 3, and then slept in until like 11 or 12 on accident. I guess it was good though, I definitely needed the sleep! After I woke up I ended up going home to get ready for my 2nd interview at LongHorn! (I got the job, btw... :)) I went through a short orientation and then as I was leaving realized Kaleb surprised me and showed up there to eat! I got to see him even though I thought he had to work. :) I was super excited!

I went to the gym tonight and was super pumped with my pre-workout and everything. I went at like 6:15 pm though and I NEVER go then because of all the people in there. There is a permanent douchebag time at the gym, and its between 10 am and 2 am. Anytime after 2 and before 10, is the perfect time to do it. UGH. They just sit there and watch you in the mirror, ask if you need a spot, and then try to talk to you and flirt. Gross. I don't want to be flirted with by a big, nasty, sweaty, steroid-taking guy.

Anyways, workout wise...it was leg day #1. Squats, SLDL, and Plies. I was going to do calves, but they were seriously STILL cramping up and burning from LAST Tuesday...PLUS they were redoing the floor in the main room, so the machines were moved around and I couldn't find the calf machines. So, yeh. Butttt...since everyone cares, I did go up in weight on my squats. :) It took me almost 3 months to get to 100 pounds, and for the past two weeks I could only do 105. I only went up 5 more pounds, but its exciting to me. :)

I hate doing my SLDL when there are a lot of guys in the weights room because I have to stick my butt out and they just stare at it in the mirror. If there are any guys reading this that do that...WE CAN SEE YOU STARING. The mirrors are 2 ways, and I can see that you've stopped what you're doing. Just saying....LOL

Okay, I'm done talking about my workout now. I lost another pound though. Down to 143.5 SO close to my 130s. I'm so ecstatic...you don't even know. I need to go to sleep now. Getting my wisdom tooth taken out tomorrow, and I'll have to get to the gym before we leave for savannah!

- Katie


One Forty Four

I've had a couple of weeks lately where I didn't follow my meal plan to the T, and I've probably cheated wayyy too much, but I'm back! For real this time. :) I ate right again for ONE day already and I lost a pound. I broke my plateau because I went back to my complete meal plan for one day. That's how different it is to eat what you have planned out and to cheat a little while doing it. I weigh 144 as of THIS morning. I am only FOURTEEN pounds away from my goal weight! OH MY GOSH. I'm so freaking excited. I don't think I've EVERRRRR been this close to my goal weight. One time, I weighed 134...but I wasn't nearly as skinny then as I am now. Not that I'm skinny yet, but you know what I'm saying.

Anyways, I should have left for the gym seven minutes ago, but I was just too excited and had to let the world know that I lost an entire pound. :)

I'm pretty sure my whole point of this post was to say 'a pound is a pound. CELEBRATE every one of them.!' You are healthier with even just ONE fat cell shriveled :) (That graphic comment came from the article I just read and finally learned what happens when fat is 'burned' LOL) -----> Fat Burning Article.

Off to the gym I go. I have 13 days until my 5K. I hope I can run at least two miles today. FML.

- Katie


Menu & Workout!

Daily Meal Plan (Gym)
Vitamin & Pre-Workout/Fat Burner
1. Pre-Workout: 
40g Oats 
½ C. Egg Whites
5g Cocoa Powder 
8g Jello Pudding Mix 
3g Stevia 
2oz Banana 
2. Post-Workout:
36g Myofusion 
1 Pudding Cup 
1oz Banana 
1 Greek Yogurt
18g Myofusion
½ C. Almond Milk
Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich
18g Myofusion
½ C. Almond Milk
1 slice Ezekiel Bread with Spray Butter 
3. 4oz Tilapia 
4oz Sweet Potato 
4. 4oz Chicken
½ C. Brown Rice 
5. Wheat Tortilla
3 slices Chicken Breast 
6. 4oz Tilapia 
28g Cashews 
TOTALS: 1686/35/150/164
Fats: 315
Carbs: 600
Proteins: 656
Daily Meal Plan (Non-Gym)
1. 40g Oats 
¼ C. Egg Whites 
5g Cocoa Powder 
8g Jello Pudding Mix 
3g Stevia
1oz Banana 
2. 36g Myofusion
1 slice Ezekiel Bread 
3. 4oz Tilapia 
4oz Sweet Potato 
4. 4oz Chicken
½ C. Brown Rice
5. 4oz Tilapia
6. Wheat Wrap 
3 Pieces Sliced Chicken Breast
TOTALS: 1399/26/125/157
Fats: 234
Carbs: 500
Protein: 628

Monday: ARMS (This is just an example of one week...I change up my stuff every 2 weeks or so)

Close Grip Press - 3x8
Skull Crushers - 3x8 
Tricep Pressdowns (bar) - 4x8 
Hammer Curls - 3x8 
Barbell Curls - 3(or 4)x8 

Tuesday: Legs

Squats - 3(or 4)x8 
Stiff Legged Dead Lifts - 3x8 
Standing Calf Raises - 3x8
Plies - 3x15(or 20)

Wednesday: Back & Abs

Dead Lifts - 5x6
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown - 3x8
Bentover Row - 3x8
Cable Row + Hammer Pull - 3x8
Cable Crunches - 4x12
Leg Raises with Ball - 3x10
Bicycles - 3 TF (to failure, do as many as you can)

Thursday: Shoulders

Arnold Press - 3x8
Cable Rear Delt Flyes - 3x10
Upright Row + Front Raise - 3x8
Lateral Raise - 4x8

Friday: Legs (2)

Smith Split Squats or Bulgarian Split Squat - 3x10(or 12)
Leg Press - 3x15
P90X Calves - 3x20
Sitting Calf Raises - 3x15

Saturday: Chest & Abs

Wide Pushups - 3 TF
DB Bench Press - 3x8
Flyes - 3x10
Incline Press Machine - 3x10
Cable Crunches - 4x10
In & Outs - 3 TF
Russian Twists - 3 TF

Sunday: Cardio

It really changes each week, but every week until my 5K, my goal is to run a 5K loop on the treadmill on this day. (It is considered a rest day because I don't lift any weights. Occasionally I actually take the entire day off.)

3 months!

I am finally posting a tummy pic. WOAH.

165 - 145 lb (3 months)

I am still nowhere CLOSE to where I wanna be, but I'm gettin' closer... :)

- Katie

Cheeseburgers and Situps

We went to Sam's today and they had this huge bag of dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds. I kind of just want to devour the entire bag. GREAT. Just what I need. Also, my grandmother got mini cinnamon rolls, a 50 oz bag of almonds (good for you...in moderation. HAHA), a huge container of sliced pound cake, and probably some other crap I can't have. I did have a mini cinnamon roll though. Oops. :)

It was worth it.

I've decided to go through my closet for a 3rd time to get rid of clothes that are too big. I've made like 4 trips to the thrift store to drop stuff off. Its getting really irritating to be completely honest. I went to the beach with Keely like a week ago, and I REALLY thought a pair of shorts was going to fit fine, so I just threw them on and and went. (It was a pair from Hollister that I've NEVER actually worn before. They were so small before.) It was miserable, they just fell down the entire time. I learned my lesson though. NOTHING fits anymore. Hahaha, I make it sound like I'm complaining. Like I say to Kaleb though, "Its great that my stuff is too big, I'm just really tired of wearing the same three outfits because that's all that fits!". If I could afford to go out and buy a new wardrobe at every other size or so...trust me, I would. I'm sure you could tell by one of my previous posts though, that I am completely broke.

I just have to say - I judge you on Pinterest. If you have a Pinterest and I follow you, I judge what you pin. WHY in the heck are you going to pin all this inspirational, motivational fitness shit if you're just going to pin a huge cheeseburger after this and be all like "I HAVE to try this tonight...maybe I'll have it right after my workout.". NOOO. You don't get to eat a f[reaking] cheeseburger after your workout. You're probably not even working out right anyways, I CAN SEE WHAT YOU PIN, and if you're doing that shit, then you're going nowhere. Okay, I'm done.

So anyways, I have two and a half more days until I go back to work! YAY. I love when I have a lot of days off consecutively. :) Also, Longhorn postponed my interview until Monday, so I will update my 5 readers what they say...... <--- me being sad that no one comments on my blog. LOL

Kaleb showed me a new game today on the phone. Its called Scramble with Friends. PLAY IT WITH ME. So far, I'm undefeated. (Don't be fooled, I've only played 3 games. haha) So yeh, lets go.

I guess I should go to sleep now. AKA I should turn off my laptop, turn off my light, put on my fitbit wrist thingy, play everyone back on Scramble with Friends and Draw Something, check my FB from my phone, THEN go to sleep. ;)

- Katie