One Year

Well, I have a completely sane reason for not posting anything in like a month. There is this girl at work who just dislikes me for absolutely no reason at all. Like, literally...we were friends one day and the next she refused to talk to me. It was so weird. Might I add, she's like 25. You might think she would be a little more mature than that. Guess not. Anyways, point being - I haven't posted anything in a while because I found out she went on my Facebook and found the link to my blog. She went through it and was making so much fun of me, so I didn't really want to put myself back out there for her to keep making fun of it. Whatever, eff it.

A couple months ago I was driving down the road and thought of an awesome blog post: "Where do you think you will be in a year?"

A year ago, I definitely did not think I would be here. [At the time I thought about the topic] I was still living in Washington a year ago. I worked at H&M in Tacoma. It was hard, we only had one car to share between  3 adults (plus Kaleb when he got there), a 3 bedroom house to share between  6 people, and a cat to take care of. I thought it was such a great decision moving out there and didn't want to come back for a couple years. Thank goodness I did. Thinks have turned out SO much differently than I thought they would. Now, I'm living back in Georgia, working at Longhorn, still living with my sweet boy, and we have another little furchild. :) Marley was amazing. I miss her, but Ziggy is just as cool in a different way. Haha.

I can't believe I'm living with 2 other roommates. I thought after college that would be all. I figured Jordan would be my only roommate ever. Seriously, what was I thinking? Rent is expensive. Yes, Kaleb and I are having out 4 year anniversary in 17 days, but I am okay with us not being married right now. We just have so much on our plate with me in school and both of us working to keep food on the table. I thought you were supposed to have it all figured out by our age, but that is definitely not the case. :P

Where will I be in one year? Who knows...I hope to be about 1 class shy of a college senior, have a better paying job, and a house of my own. (or apartment...) I wonder what I can get done in 12 months.

One thought I had the other day while at work, was that I miss the freedom of expression at H&M so badly. Not just because I could wear whatever I wanted, but because it was actually encouraged. No one made fun of your off-the-wall outfits, and I could flaunt whatever piercings or tattoos I wanted. That was one of the principles there though. When I came back to Georgia and started working at Cato again, I realized how much I missed it, but working at Longhorn makes me miss it SO much more. At H&M I could show up in basically leggings and a tunic or even jeans and a nice tee, but a dress was always acceptable. :) You didn't have to really wear any special shoes, whereas at Cato we had to wear business casual with nice shoes. Longhorn just makes us wear all black and restaurant shoes. Oh so much different.

1. Our Christmas tree. :D
2. Ziggy under the Christmas tree, haha.
3. Ziggy on my bed.
4. Kirsten and I at El Real. We were gonna take a really great picture until our server just ignored us...and then as soon as we were about to take the picture, he walked up and decided to actually help us, so this is all I got and we forgot to take another. <3

- Katie

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