Bridesmaids and Basketball

The other day, I was asked to post. I guess I've been slackin' a little. :) Mahhh B. ;)

So Misty and I ordered our bridesmaids' dresses for Keely & Scott's wedding! We are SO excited. I won't post a picture yet. We'll keep everything a secret until the wedding. Hehe

I also have another secret for you, but you'll have to wait for it. Just keep checking back. ;)

Our kitten is getting so big! We got him a little house/condo/scratch post thing. Its so cool. I love those things. We got him a $4 playcubething at Dollar General last week. He plays with it SO much. They thought he'd hate it.

Work is going well.

My grandpa is in the hospital. He has Pancreatitis. I've never had to see someone go through anything like this before, and it is so awful to go to the hospital and see him in so much pain. He's on so many meds that I can barely understand what he says when he's talking to me, and he always wants to be asleep. I understand why he always wants to sleep, I mean the medicine makes him drowsy and all, its just not like him. I hate it.

Today was the last of 2 days off I had this week. Wednesday-Sunday I work every day. <-- YAY for money. :)

I'm off to 'watch' this playoff game with the boys. Ugh.

- Katie



I've been working hard this weekend! Double on Friday and Saturday, and then I worked tonight. I was supposed to be a double today also, but to be completely honest, I'm glad I didn't. I needed that extra sleep time. I also got the chance to make a trip to the store finally! I still need to go again, because we are definitely needing a couple things, but I just really didn't feel like getting everything today.

I am such a bargain shopper. I will spend 50 cents on a toothpaste once just to make sure its not as good as the expensive kind. I mean hey, if it is then you know from then on that you can spend 50 cents on a tube of toothpaste from the dollar store instead of 3.50 on one from Walmart. (That was just an example, I'm not gonna lie...I'm a freaking toothpaste snob. That's okay though, because I do use dollar store brand other things. :))

So, I haven't used Facebook much lately so I haven't had the chance to tell everyone, but we got a kitten! He showed up at Hannah's door one night after a storm and wouldn't leave so she posted him on Facebook asking someone to take him. We've been wanting a cat anyways, so I got him! We took him to the vet the next day and got his shots and tests done. He's nine weeks old (about ten now) and we named him Ziggy. :) :) He is absolutely the cutest thing in the world! I really miss Marley, but I can't get her back now.

I guess I'm going to get ready for bed. I'll probably post in another 3 weeks. :)

- Katie


Oh So Productive

Today has been SO productive. I have had a million things I've been planning on doing and I finally got the chance to do them all. :) I finally had time to melt down all the old candles I have. I poured them into clean glass containers I had and made some new layered candles. Also, I was able to clean out those candle jars so that I could use them for different candles whenever I have enough wax to fill those.

The first picture is an old candle jar that I had and was boiling it to melt the rest of the wax to use as a layer in another candle. The second picture is the same jar after I cleaned it out with olive oil. I tried olive oil and vinegar, since that's what I found that people online said would work. The olive oil worked WAY better though. It was amazing, it rubbed out the soot and the wax! I just put it on a paper towel and went to it. Afterwards I just scrubbed the jar with a dish brush with soap in it and got rid of the extra oil. The next picture is a different jar I was also making into a candle. I got my wick, fit it to touch the bottom, and then wrapped the excess around a pen and laid it across the top of the jar. The fourth picture is the finished product. And then the last picture is just another candle I made. :)

Also, I made these zucchini turkey burgers that Jamie Eason has online a while back. They were so freaking good. I bought the stuff to make them again, and began that today, but then I realized that I still don't have half the seasonings I need, so I will get that and do it another day :)

Last, I actually started making my healthy recipes again. I am ECSTATIC about. Because believe it or not, the recipes are super tasty. MMMMM. At the moment, I am waiting on my protein bars to harden up in the fridge, and I'm waiting on a weeks worth of steel cut oats to finish slow cooking in my crock pot! I'm making apple pie oatmeal. It's a mix between like three different recipes that I found, so I hope it turns out okay!

- Katie


Good Luck

Working in a restaurant is nonstop work. Like, if my family were to come in and eat while I was there, I would probably not even get the chance to talk to them for more than 2 minutes. People come in all the time and then a week later they're like 'Thanks for ignoring me at Longhorn'. And then I'm like 'I didn't know you were there'. 'But you looked right at me'. No...I probably looked right through you. Lol

Seriously, I have a one track mind at work, and I usually don't even notice the customers. Hahaha. I know that sounds awful, but unless I'm greeting, I usually don't have to. When I'm bussing, I just worry about getting the tables clean so we can seat more customers so we can get off the wait. I feel really bad when people come to me later and think I was just ignoring them. This post is just to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy. I'm not ignoring you. I just don't see you. Yell at me and stop me next time, and I will stop and talk. :)

On another note, I am SO glad I had 3 days off in a row after this weekend. Mother's Day is a restaurant's busiest day of the year. We had every single hostess working that day. That never happens. Anyways though, Sunday was super super busy. I was really really sick (thanks baby). My mom told me today she thought I had a sinus infection. I don't think that sounds as bad as it actually was. I'm pretty sure I was dying. The whole point of me saying all this is that I was sick on Friday but I worked, and then I got really sick on Saturday and called out. Then on Sunday, I was pretty sure I'd get fired if I called out, so even though I was dying, I went into work. We all had to work really long hours that day. I ended up working 10:00 am to 9:00 pm. I was literally begging the managers to let me go home. Haha I am glad I had these three days off though because I've had the chance to kind of recoup and get better. I still had to get up and do stuff, so I couldn't just lay in bed all day like I really wanted to...but who ever gets to do that? :P

I went to the gym tonight with Keely. Ever since we've been working out together again, it has been INTENSE. I love it so much. I don't think we even worked out this hard before we stopped working out together. Its great to have a workout buddy because it pushes you to do more. Not that I wasn't doing enough on my own, but I definitely wasn't working this hard. I've already lost 2 more pounds. (You know, since like my frieken 2 month plateau. Yeah, it wasn't exactly a plateau, it was just me being a dumbass eating who knows what, not going to the gym every day like I was supposed to.) I have lost thirty nine pounds. One moreeeeeeeeeeeee and I will have officially lost forty. YAY :) :) I won't have to round up anymore. HAHA

I guess its time to end this post now. :)

Goooood night <3

- Katie


Such A Sad Loss

I accidentally flushed my fitbit down the toilet yesterday morning. I haven't mourned yet.

I feel so lost. I have to count how many floors I walk up every day now. I don't have something telling me how many calories I've burned, and I can't keep track of all my stuff at the gym anymore. :'(

I'm getting another. So worth the extra $100 dollars. If you don't have one yet, invest in one. Right this second. FITBIT <3 <---- GO.

- Katie


Motivating Motivator

1 year ago. LOL 180-140 (well, actually 143, but I just kind of want to round down...Haha)

I haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks and one day. 15 days. Without the gym. And lots of shit food. My weight has fluctuated a little (aka. I gained a couple pounds, bitch.), but I decided to post tonight so that people could be inspired, I guess. Maybe more motivated than inspired. I wanted people to know that even though I lost all that weight, I DEFINITELY still have obstacles. Working at a restaurant that I freaking LOVE is awfulllllll. I love it, but it is so tempting. I used to order food like, every day when I first started...but I am getting better now. Eventually I won't order any more. I'm back to measuring out my almonds and eating fish and rice. Yum...I had my first 'right' meal today since like, 2 weeks ago. Not even kidding...the only meal I eat like I'm supposed to is my oats in the morning. I've stayed loyal to my oats through this hard time. Hahaha

Anyways, point of my post: If you're also in the process of losing weight, or want to start the process, don't be discouraged just because you gain a pound or go a couple weeks maintaining, but not losing. I promise, it has happened to me more times than I can count. It took me 3 WEEKS to lose one pound at one point. I was stuck at 151 that whole time. Then, I lost a couple pounds in the next two weeks and then got stuck for another 3 weeks at 148. It happens, so don't give up or be all sad when it does.

I forgot to say this back when it mattered, but I'll throw it in now. :) I took a picture tonight because I thought I was going to look super fat. I was so scared, because I mean...I'm like 2 pounds heavier. That doesn't seem like a lot, but since muscle weighs more than fat, if I've lost any muscle mass, I could have gained that weight back in fat! :(

I was only going to post the picture and '1 year ago. LOL'. Then, my brain decided to go to work.

- Katie

P.S. Sorry for the sound thing stuck in the after picture. I took a screen shot and muted it right before. Guess I was too ninja fast for my own good. :)