My Little List

I'm not really sure what I want this post to be about. Here is a breakdown of my last week though:

1. I have been cleaning my room out, because it was so frieken awful. There were boxes of crap EVERYWHERE. Seriously, like there had to be about 20 boxes in here. Its because I had boxes when I moved back from college, when I moved to Washington, when I moved back from Washington, and then my Grandma had some just chillin' in here too. Her Christmas tree is actually in a box right now, blocking off my closet. There's just too much stuff in this house.

2. I have been trying to diet - HA. I'm ALWAYS dieting. Its more like starting a healthier diet. I try to teach myself how to eat healthy. Not that I don't know how, because I definitely do...its just that I have to continue eating like that. Hopefully I can start early enough that when New Years comes around I can make a weight loss resolution that will actually be finished. I'm about to finish my 2011 resolution - no soda!!! YAY! :)

3. I have been getting ready for Christmas! I LOVE CHRISTMAS. I love the music, the decorations, JESUS, and the gifts of course. I have already just about finished my Christmas shopping, only a few people left to buy for. ;)

4. I start back at Cato on Tuesday. Its Sunday, by the way - so that's the day after tomorrow. How exciting?? Actually, I'm mostly excited to start back because I get my last paycheck from H&M this friday! Gahhhh.

5. Self-improvement and self-beautification. What girl doesn't feel pretty with soft skin and hair, manicured nails, and well-fitted clothing. None. In the past, I never really cared what I looked like - hence the disgusting middle school pictures where my hair was always in a pony tail or parted down the middle. These days, (in the third year of my relationship with Kaleb, might I add) I am realizing that it is worth it to do what I can to fix myself up. I don't know what I was thinking as a teenager, but I for sure missed that 'Get Pretty' memo.

6. Last but not least, I am enjoying my boyfriend. :) Like I said in the last paragraph, we have been dating [almost] 3 years!!! Goodness sake, 3 years. Its kind of hard to say. I used to think engagement was the way to go, (and of course I'd still love to be engaged) but I am learning that there's no point in being engaged if you can't afford the wedding yet! Its still a cute little fantasy to me to be engaged, and I'm okay with that. I think I'd die if he actually asked me to marry him any time soon! :P I am just enjoying his company and love for now. :)

I know I am always talking about new shows that I like. I'm pretty sure I posted about my last one on here...it was called Lipstick Jungle. Now, I found another one. Hehe...it is called Dirty Sexy Money. Its pretty good, but just like Lipstick Jungle, it was canceled after two seasons. Boo! I find them on Hulu, so if you need something to watch, get a Hulu Plus account. Seriously, like 8 bucks a month or something, and its got so much stuff. Its better than Netflix I think!

Nighty Night :)

- Katie


Its a Wen-Wen Kinda Situation

I figured its about that time to write a long post again.

I am back in Georgia! I really did love being in Washington, but so many things went down that I knew it was time to come home. I have no reason to go into detail on here, but that doesn't matter. The point it, I already miss everyone at H&M and I am glad to see everyone here. :)

When Kaleb and I landed in Savannah, it was around 6:30 EST (obviously...haha) and it was like, pitch black. F'realz. Sonia and Craig (his parents), my grandparents and my cousin were at the airport. It was so great to see them all right when we got back. After that my grandparents took Morgan and I to Longhorn.

When we got home, I got to see all their new home renovations (which I must say, are pretty amazing). Its kind of weird being up at 2:30 in the morning and really not being that tired. It SUCKS that I have to get up at like 9 tomorrow and that is normally like 6 am for me.

Right now I am watching Extreme Couponing and its freakin' amazing. They have to post a disclaimer before the show now though because I guess people started complaining and saying the show was advertising wrongly? Who knows. People need to get a life. Hahaha

My grandmother got me this new shampoo called Wen shampoo and its basically all about 'cleaning the hair without harsh chemicals'. Just like every other shampoo says, ya know...but this one is different. Its like, a cleaning conditioner. It tells you how many pumps to use per section of your hair (there is four - front, back, left, right). For my short hair, I have to use 4 per section, and that is the least amount they advise you to use. They say the more you use, the less chance your hair will be greasy. It is also a leave-in-conditioner. I'm freakin' out because I have to go out in public tomorrow. HAHA

Speaking of going out in public tomorrow, I am FINALLY going to look for a car!!! <3 YAYAYAY. So excited, not even kidding. I will definitely post pictures when/if I end up getting one tomorrow, or in the next week or so. :)

Nighty night. :)

- Katie


Snow, what?

It was so hard leaving H&M today once I clocked out. I didn't want it to end. :( Also, I had to give over my staff card...and now I have to pay full price any time I shop at H&M now. Hahaha not that it matters, it is very cost conscious. ;)

Going to Red Robin tonight and catching the flight tomorrow! I'm very excited to go back home (as long as I don't have to think about leaving all my new friends here). I'll be working at Cato again and I will hopefully be getting a car when I get to Georgia! I'm going to miss everyone calling me Georgia. Hahaha.

How ironic is it that it is going to snow the weekend I leave Washington?

Well, I guess I will go get ready to go to dinner. :)

- Katie


It's Almost That Time

Its getting so close! November 16th is coming faster than I know it, and I can't wait to see everyone. :)

But, as Georgia gets closer, so does the day that I have to leave H&M. :( I and going to miss everyone there so much. This is definitely a bittersweet time, but I know everything will work out. Kaleb and I hung out with Kim and some of her friends last night, and it was good fun. :) I have pictures...haha.

My hair looks awful, I'm aware.
The raccoon we found.
Our amazing group shot.
And Kaleb :)

I'm going to sleep. I'm working so much this week. I have to get as much time as I can before I leave I guess. Good night. :)

- Katie


Drama at Eighteen.

The past couple days have been rough. Firstly, I'm out of my 'Dad's' house and staying with a friend, and that is stressful enough. On top of that, I still have to get to work, make sure my cat doesn't tear up her stuff, and figure out how everything is going to work out.

I love how people go off on you and say stuff about you when they have no clue what is even going on. Honestly, I'm done stooping down to that level. I'm not going to post a status about you on Facebook, Ashley. I don't care what you've said, and I honestly could care less what you have to think about me or what happened the other day. If I had your number, I would have texted that to you. I'm all for saying things to people's faces, and I'm not going to sit there and pretend like I don't know what's going on - but you're not hurting me, so save yourself the trouble and mind your own business. <3

On a different note, we are going to another friend's house tomorrow and thank goodness we are house sitting for them while they go out of town next week. Its kind of just like, a Godsend. I'm not sure that's the word, or that's how its used - but yeh. We get a week to take care of their pets and chill and figure out what we're going to do!

I don't have much else to say, so I'm going to bed. Nightttt. :)

- Katie



My last post was all about how I had chosen a college to go to next year, but now that's all changed. If I've learned anything in the past couple of months, it would be "trust those who you've grown up with, not those who left you in the middle of your life".

I'm not sure what made me think this would ever be a good idea, but I guess its nice to know that I have family and loved ones that care about what decisions I make. They care and watch out for me when I make awful decisions. All I know is that this was a huge learning experience. I've learned who to trust and who not to trust (once again in my life), I've learned all about H&M, and about the weather in Washington. I've used public transportation to get to work, bought a faux fur vest, and gone to Seattle. Most important of all though, I've learned a lot about my relationship with Kaleb. (Also, he probably cooks better than me...sad, hunh?)

So back to Georgia we go. I am SO ready to see my grandparents and Morgan, and my sisters and Sara and Hannah! I just can't wait to see everyone, be in my hometown, go to my high school's football games, and see my puppy. I have to give Marley up though, and that is one of the worst things that is going to happen to me. :( I love her so much, and I've gotten so attached to her. Its awful to know I have to give her to someone that I don't even know will take care of her the way I do. No one knows her little quirks like I do.

If anyone wants to take her for me, that would be great. She is really hyper (I'm pretty sure she's part siamese) and she gets into EVERYTHING. She is the absolute best kitten to play with though. She hates vacuums and hair dryers, but she loves strings and bells. I feel like I'm writing one of those ads in the newspaper trying to get a date. Haha! I'm taking her to the vet today to make sure she's got all her shots and stuff, so yeh.

On a different note, Kaleb and I will be house-sitting for a co-worker while she goes to Palm Springs. Jealous?! (Of the Palm Springs trip of course) I know I am! It'll be nice to have our own little space for a week and take care of her pets. :) I don't know what I'm going to do with Marley when we go, I'm scared she will like, freak out with all the new animals.

I'm going to go watch Grey's Anatomy with Kaleb. (This is the THIRD time I've gone through all the episodes. I just really love Grey's Anatomy. :P)

- Katie