I finally decided on a school to go to next year! I'm so excited I've finally decided because its kind of stressful just saying: "Well, I'm not in school right now, but I'm going back at some point." So yeh...I definitely miss my studies. I absolutely HATE not being surrounded by music, its seriously getting to me.

Anyways, the lucky winner is: Pacific Lutheran University! I hope I get in...haha. I'm pretty sure I'll have to enter as a freshman, because I'm like 3 credits short of being a transfer. It sucks.

I'm at that point with my job now that I'm starting to get the hang of everything. Its getting easier to do my job because I'm not having to ask someone how to do everything. I love it because it makes the 30 hours a week I spend at work way more enjoyable. Instead of focusing on the basics, I'm able to start learning everything else. I know I've only been working there for 2 months, but I already know where I want to go from here. I love how there are more positions than 'Sales Advisor', 'Manager', and 'Store Manager'. I like having the opportunity to choose which path I want to take and everyone is there to support you.

Off the subject of H&M, I'm watching Ghost Whisperer. I love it! The last time I remember watching this was one day in my dorm last semester. There was a marathon and I was rewriting all of my history notes. Goodness sake, that was so long. Oh well, I love this show! Alrighty, well I'm off to research this school and watch more of this show. :)

- Katie


Meat on a Stick

1. Paranormal Activity 3 comes out tonight and I really want to see it, but I will save my money. :)
2. Pretty Little Liars was great last night!
3. The Biggest Loser is what I'm addicted to again, and I'm lovin' it. :)

I'm a little too addicted to tv I think. I'm surprised I even have time for tv because I feel like I've been working so much! This week has been pretty chill, but still...I've never worked this much in my life. Haha

I love when I get on these Biggest Loser kicks because I feel like getting healthier and losing more weight. I hate being on such a tight budget though, because I feel like I can't afford to go to the gym (or have the time anyways...) or get cheap, healthy food. I looked up recipes online, and I'm going to start shopping by recipe. :) Here are a couple ideas if you're in the same boat:

1. BLT
Bread, Tomato, Lettuce, and Bacon. (Mayonaise for Kaleb...yuck.)

2. Cheddar Bacon Penne
Penne Pasta, Cheddar Cheese, Butter, Onion, Garlic, and Bacon. (Probably not the healthiest, but it looks good. ;))

3. Tacos
You know what to get for tacos.

4. Burritos
Refried Beans, Rice, Salsa, Cheddar Cheese, and Flour Tortillas.

5. Meat on a Stick
Chicken, Teriyaki, Sesame Oil, Skewers, and Peanut Butter? I found the recipe online...haha

6. Shepherd's Pie
Thyme, Cheddar Cheese, Potatoes, Ground Beef, Onion. YUM. I LOVE SHEPHERD'S PIE. Kaleb doesn't...he'll eat hotdogs that night...or pizza. Lol :) I love you...hahaha

Anyways, yeh. These things are super healthy, but its better than eating spaghetti, alfredo, and hotdogs every night. I'm not even kidding...that's like, all we ever buy.

I am going to watch the Biggest Loser and eat unhealthy food. Ironic? C'mon, I know I'm not the only one who does it. :P

- Katie


Do You Know Them?

Today, I wanted to share a few bands or soloists that I listen to on Youtube. I found some by myself, was introduced to some by others, and found some through the people I already listen to. Trust me, every single one of them is amazing - I wouldn't have put them on here if they weren't. ;)

1. Boyce Avenue - My boyfriend, Kaleb, found this band. Its really actually just a guy and this his music man. He's super amazing though. I'm pretty sure we've been listening to him since before I went to college. Most, if not all, of his stuff is on iTunes if you'd like to purchase any of it. :) This song is probably one of my favorites by him: I'll Be by Edwin McCain


2. Pixie Lott - I'm pretty sure she is already famous in like the UK or something, but not many people here know about her. I found her one day while just looking around on Youtube. The first thing I heard by her was just a cover, but I found out that she has her own music. Here is her cover of Apologize by One Republic.

3. Krista Nicole - She's pretty young, about my age or younger, but she's been singing on Youtube I know for at least a few years. Her dad plays guitar for her and edits her stuff. She's pretty great, and she has a cd already with about 5 songs. I definitely bought it and had her sign it. :) Haha, I was so excited when it finally came out. Anyways though, here is one of her covers: Grenade by Bruno Mars.

4. Heather Janssen - I found her one day because she was performing with Tyler Ward. Here is one of her original songs, Checkers.

5. Tyler Ward - If you don't know him, you probably won't even like these people I'm telling you about because a lot of them have sung with him on Youtube. From what he portrays in his videos, he seems like a pretty awesome dude, and he has an amazing voice. The first video I'm linking is actually for Tyler Ward and Julia Sheer, they are BOTH amazing. Its a cover of Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift. The second on is Tyler by himself covering Slide by the Goo Goo Dolls. Its a really old video, but I love it.

6. Alex G - I found her through Tyler Ward. I'm posting a video of her covering Haunted by Taylor Swift. She's singing with a girl named Jess Moskaluke.

There are a couple other people that I like, but I will share those another time. I hope you like them and share them with others so they can achieve the fame they deserve. :)

- Katie


Cough Drops and Red Velvet Cake

I know I always have like, super hiatuses. I don't try to, I just have such a busy life. HA, not really...I just don't ever get on my computer anymore. To be honest, I'm not even on my computer now, I'm on Kaleb's.

The last time I posted, I was in Georgia still. Now, Kaleb and I have been in Washington for about 2 1/2 weeks. I've been working my butt off and Kaleb has an interview on Friday! (Hopefully he gets this job...) Not much else has really happened between my last post and now.

I'm sick now and I really frieken hate it. I went in for like, 2 hours today. It was probably a waste of a trip to and from Tacoma, but whatever...I felt really bad for calling in anyways. I've been sleeping and resting all day other than being at work this morning, and right now I'm just laying in bed watching the food channel. (That can't be good, right?) I'm really wanting to run to the store and get some ingredients to bake because these chick lady cooks are making everything look really good. I'm glad I have a job, because I'd be so much fatter if I just sat at home all day and watched the food channel...hahaha.

That's like, actually the cake from the Food Network website that this chick is making. Do you understand why I want to go bake now?

The nasty cough drops I'm sucking down. They're gross, but they were cheaper than the ones I usually get...so yeh.

Alright, this post was a waste of my 30 minutes (yeh, I just sat here for 30 minutes) and probably a waste of like, 2 minutes for you. So, sorry :P

I'm going to sleep or something. :)

- Katie