Cough Drops and Red Velvet Cake

I know I always have like, super hiatuses. I don't try to, I just have such a busy life. HA, not really...I just don't ever get on my computer anymore. To be honest, I'm not even on my computer now, I'm on Kaleb's.

The last time I posted, I was in Georgia still. Now, Kaleb and I have been in Washington for about 2 1/2 weeks. I've been working my butt off and Kaleb has an interview on Friday! (Hopefully he gets this job...) Not much else has really happened between my last post and now.

I'm sick now and I really frieken hate it. I went in for like, 2 hours today. It was probably a waste of a trip to and from Tacoma, but whatever...I felt really bad for calling in anyways. I've been sleeping and resting all day other than being at work this morning, and right now I'm just laying in bed watching the food channel. (That can't be good, right?) I'm really wanting to run to the store and get some ingredients to bake because these chick lady cooks are making everything look really good. I'm glad I have a job, because I'd be so much fatter if I just sat at home all day and watched the food channel...hahaha.

That's like, actually the cake from the Food Network website that this chick is making. Do you understand why I want to go bake now?

The nasty cough drops I'm sucking down. They're gross, but they were cheaper than the ones I usually get...so yeh.

Alright, this post was a waste of my 30 minutes (yeh, I just sat here for 30 minutes) and probably a waste of like, 2 minutes for you. So, sorry :P

I'm going to sleep or something. :)

- Katie

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