Do You Know Them?

Today, I wanted to share a few bands or soloists that I listen to on Youtube. I found some by myself, was introduced to some by others, and found some through the people I already listen to. Trust me, every single one of them is amazing - I wouldn't have put them on here if they weren't. ;)

1. Boyce Avenue - My boyfriend, Kaleb, found this band. Its really actually just a guy and this his music man. He's super amazing though. I'm pretty sure we've been listening to him since before I went to college. Most, if not all, of his stuff is on iTunes if you'd like to purchase any of it. :) This song is probably one of my favorites by him: I'll Be by Edwin McCain


2. Pixie Lott - I'm pretty sure she is already famous in like the UK or something, but not many people here know about her. I found her one day while just looking around on Youtube. The first thing I heard by her was just a cover, but I found out that she has her own music. Here is her cover of Apologize by One Republic.

3. Krista Nicole - She's pretty young, about my age or younger, but she's been singing on Youtube I know for at least a few years. Her dad plays guitar for her and edits her stuff. She's pretty great, and she has a cd already with about 5 songs. I definitely bought it and had her sign it. :) Haha, I was so excited when it finally came out. Anyways though, here is one of her covers: Grenade by Bruno Mars.

4. Heather Janssen - I found her one day because she was performing with Tyler Ward. Here is one of her original songs, Checkers.

5. Tyler Ward - If you don't know him, you probably won't even like these people I'm telling you about because a lot of them have sung with him on Youtube. From what he portrays in his videos, he seems like a pretty awesome dude, and he has an amazing voice. The first video I'm linking is actually for Tyler Ward and Julia Sheer, they are BOTH amazing. Its a cover of Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift. The second on is Tyler by himself covering Slide by the Goo Goo Dolls. Its a really old video, but I love it.

6. Alex G - I found her through Tyler Ward. I'm posting a video of her covering Haunted by Taylor Swift. She's singing with a girl named Jess Moskaluke.

There are a couple other people that I like, but I will share those another time. I hope you like them and share them with others so they can achieve the fame they deserve. :)

- Katie

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