Random Thoughts

I keep having these random thoughts that I want to put out there - and I don't really want to make it my FB status, so here they are:

1. Lately, I've been figuring out how many calories I'm eating. Aside from just counting my calories though, I am figuring out WHAT my calories are. Fat, Carbs, Sugars, Protein, etc. So, I made a list of things I might eat on a normal day back in WA. TRUST ME, I did not eat this stuff every day, nor did I actually eat all of it in one day...unless it was just a really bad day. HA

Cookies n Cream Poptarts - 380/10/70/4
McDonald's (for lunch while at work) - 360/16/40/14 & 231/11.5/29/28
Totino's Cheese Pizza (for dinner when I get home) - 640/30/68/24
Fiber One Bar (snack at some point in the day) - 140/4/29/2
Mini Snickers Bar - 45/2.1/5.6/.8
Reeses - 210/13/24/5
Mcdonald's Sweet Tea - 280/0/69/1
Cake (for dessert of course) - 340/14.3/50.7/5

The first number in the series is the calories, second is fats, third is carbs, and fourth is protein. All together, that day would equal 2,626 calories, 100.9 grams of fat, 385.3 grams of carbs, & 58.6 grams of protein. Even further, this would mean that 908.1 calories that I took in that day were just FATS. 1,541.2 calories were straight carbs, and only 234.4 calories would have been protein.

For comparison, here is my breakdown from something I would eat now:

1/2 C. Oats - 150/3/27/5
1 Banana - 90/.3/18.5/9
Pudding Cup (After workout) - 110/1.5/24/2
Protein Shake - 185/4.5/10/25
4 Egg Whites - 68/3/.8/14.4
1/4 C. Cheese - 100/7/.5/4
1 Slice Ham - 35/.75/2/5
1 Banana - 90/.3/18.5/9
Subway (Grilled chicken breast on flatbread, no cheese or sauce, and lots of veggies!) - 355/7/47/22
2 oz Baked Turkey - 76.5/.4/0/17
2 Egg Whites - 25/0/1/5
1/4 C. Nonfat Cheese - 45/0/2/9
1 oz Tomato - 5/.1/1.1/.2
1 oz Avocado - 45/4.2/2.4/.6
1 Tsp Organic Olive Oil - 120/14/0/0
4 oz Grilled Chicken - 164/5.2/0/30

Total: 1,663/51.25/154.8/147.2

Fats - 461.3 cals
Carbs - 619.2 cals
Protein - 588.8 cals

Yeh yeh, I know it looks like gibberish, but it makes so much since. Honestly, just look at the difference at the very last thing in each situation. Also, look how much MORE I ate on the 2nd situation. It was hard, don't get me wrong...I seriously struggle with eating enough calories, but healthy food is SO so so so so much better for you. It fills you up, it keeps you full longer, AND it has less of the bad stuff and more of the good stuff, so there's absolutely no way I think I could EVER eat 2600 calories eating healthy. Watch what you eat, seriously. I posted a status on Facebook earlier explaining that it took a 125 lb girl running at 5 mph for 30 min to burn off the 240 calories in a pack of regular M&Ms.

I never thought about it until I decided to research. Do your part. God gave you a body, and it is your temple. Take care of it!

- Katie


Love Love Love

I haven't posted in forEVER, I know.

Today is seriously the first day I just got to sit in bed all day and do whatever I want in SO long.

Every day I usually get up between 5 & 6 to get to the gym. After that, I go to work, or go to Savannah, or something. Seriously, I am always running and doing things. At night, I try to go to bed by 9 or 10, but lately with the holidays and all, I've been getting to bed really late. Yesterday, when I got home from Savannah with Morgan, I laid down at 4:30 in the afternoon for a short nap and slept until 11:45 at night. Holy crap, right? I stayed up until about 3 and went back to sleep easily. That's how exhausted I've been.

Anyways, I've been so consumed with the gym and work, but to be honest - I'm happy. All day I think about the gym, what we're going to do, what I'm going to eat, but I'm not as stressed out as I was at the beginning. HAHA, that was so bad. I seriously would sit in my room and just want to cry from how stressed I was, good thing I got over that! Overall, I've been working out for just over a month and I've lost about 8 pounds, (On Facebook I said I'd lost 15 pounds, and I have...since about August.) 2% body fat, and about 5 inches all over so far.

Tomorrow, December 28, 2011, is mine and Kaleb's 3 year anniversary! Oh my gosh, it kinda feels like it flew by! I think we are going to have a nice little date 'day' (because I close tomorrow :( ) withOUT eating out. :) I'm excited, and I love him. <3

Alright, I'm gonna go drink my mixed fruit smoothie and find some yummy recipes :)

- Katie


New Years Resolution: 2012.

I know I've been posting a lot of stuff about fitness and going to the gym and all, between pinterest, facebook, here, and twitter. I know. Its just kind of taking over my life right now, and I'm okay with that.

So here is my point:
2011 Resolution: Go one year without drinking soda. I've expanded it to all carbonated drinks, meaning no fizzy water, no energy drinks, no soda. Almost done! Lets me honest, every one slips up...I did the first two days of the year! Haha, so I started on January 3rd, which means I have seventeen days left until I've accomplished my resolution. :)

2012 Resolution: Part 1 - Be able to run a 5k by June. Part 2 - Be able to run a 1/2 marathon by October (or so). I haven't figured out dates or the logistics, but that's basically it. I just know I want to be able to run a 1/2 marathon by the end of the year next year. Hopefully I can get a buddy who will do it with me. I asked Morgan, but she has hip and knee problems so that's probably a no-go. If I don't find anyone...I'll just do it alone! It can be done!

I'm really excited about the New Year coming up! I seriously think this is the first year (2011) that I've actually accomplished my resolution. Every other year it was just 'lose weight' or something dumb that I forgot 10 minutes after establishing it. So yeh, now that I have finished one, it makes me think that I can finish the next - which would be amazing.

I am going to go get ready for the day! Gym with my Butternut and then work! I have my first long shift since I've been back! Haha :)

- Katie


Corn & Cones

To be honest, this post is only in existence because I had 99 posts and it was REALLY bothering me. So yeh...this is my 100th post, yay!

I think I am finally going to start going to an actual gym...not just the fitness rooms at the apartment complex where my mom lives. Haha I am trying to decide between the Y and 24 Seven Fitness. Although, I'm pretty sure it comes down to what Gulfstream is going to help pay for. I assume its going to be the Y, but I'd much rather go to 24 Seven. The Y is just too big for my liking. I know people always say "Don't worry about others, do it for yourself" and everything, but its kind of...embarrassing. Everyone has to start somewhere, I know, but I'd rather my start be in a smaller gym. ;)

Right now I am sitting under my heated blanket sippin' on my one mug of coffee for the day. I'm trying so hard to only drink water, and I have today...except for this one mug. Oh, and I had a couple sips of OJ. Oh well. I'm so envious of people that are naturally skinny, or people who has a family that is about health and fitness. My cousin and I both are like, always trying to be healthy and lose weight and be fit, but it just seems like everyone else around us doesn't care at all. It makes it really hard to stay focused, avoid temptation, and genuinely do well.

I mean, you can't make every meal a lean cuisine. Your family has to help at some point. I guess my Grandma really is trying - she buys me the food I think will be good for this new 'healthy eating'. Tonight, she made a spiral ham and didn't put the glaze on "for me". I think it was half for me, and half because she's diabetic. Either way, she's trying...but it's really hard because we buy my food, and then they buy their food. So I just sit there eating my 12 pretzels and she gets to eat a huge ice cream cone dipped in chocolate with nuts all over it and fudge in the middle.

I really am getting pretty good at turning down sweets, though. Two candy canes at work, I still don't drink soda, and we've had, I swear like, a 5 lb bag of peanut M&Ms on our kitchen table. I think I've eaten like 5 since I tried to stop eating sweets. Haha I almost hate that I started at the holidays, but hey...if I didn't start now, I'd have to deal with it next year. Might as well get this one under my belt so its easier next year. It can't just be a 2 month kind of thing, it has to be a lifetime kind of thing.

I'm finding that even though I don't want to eat unhealthy things, I can still indulge when I've had a better day. I bought these Skinny Cow ice creams that are only 150 calories. I don't eat them every day, but I have them so when I'm really craving sugar, I can have that instead of a 400 calorie one or a huge 600 calorie piece of cake or something.

I think I am going to delete my old blog about that stupid fashion crap and start one about healthy living. Put like, my progress on there and all. I guess I can try that, and if its a flop, then oh well. I'll keep it for me and make it private! Alright, my poor fingers hurt from typing all this now, so I'm going to get some rest for work tomorrow!


- Katie



The first day I moved to Valdosta I had no one. Kaleb wasn't gonna be there for almost a week, and the only people I sort of knew were Hailey and Erica from guard tryouts in May. They are just about the only ones I talked to then so all the other girls were still a mystery to me. The first day of guard camp Sara told me she liked my phone cover because it was zebra, and I told her I liked her converses...they had zebra shoelaces. We were completely across the circle from one another, and that was just the beginning of our friendship.

After a couple of days Jordan finally moved in, so then I met my roommate for the year. To be honest, I thought she was so weird at first. I mean, there was like 3 kids running around, another baby strapped on to some lady, and then like 5 adults all in our room when I came back for lunch. She had super long hair, and was kind of dressed hipsterish, so I ran fast after that lunch. (I've told her all this...don't worry :P) Anyways, I thought I was doomed to have a weird roommate and no friends.

A few weeks later, I assume, is when we got our bid letters. Sara and I, and then I found out a few others did too that I actually knew. We had our meeting, but a few girls decided against pledging Tau Beta Sigma. Sara being one of them. I was so upset, but I didn't want to quit just because my friend did. I didn't know much about this sorority, but I soon found out. I loved everything they were about, what they did, and how they handled themselves. Everyone has great personalities, not just like...those regular social sororities that just party and pretend to do good in class. I'm sorry, I'm just not a fan of them.

My point is, that today is December 12, 2011. The charter date of the Zeta Tau Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma is December 12, 1981. I want to say Happy Charter Day to everyone in Zeta Tau, and I wanted to thank you all for all the love you have given me and everyone else. You seriously made my year better and I canNOT wait to be back there with everyone. :)

"It is an honor to be selected to serve." MLITB & M.O.T.S. :)


- Katie


The Hunger Games!

Its late, 1:40 a.m. and I have to wake up at 7 tomorrow. Well, this morning. I got my Nook in the mail, and I've been up reading The Hunger Games all night. It is beyond amazing, and I just can't put it down. I'm glad it's a trilogy, but I'm kind of upset there is ONLY three. I've seen the trailer for the movie once, and yes - I began reading the book because I remembered seeing it, but once I started, I realized this was going to be amazing. I'm not much of a reader unless I find something really good. It has to pull me in from the beginning or I will give up. I'm telling you now - read the books before the movies come out if you get the chance. The first one is out March 23, 2012. I just re-watched the trailer, that's how I know. Haha :)

On a different subject, I don't know how many people actually follow my blog, but at one point in about August or so, I started the Dukan diet. I stayed with it for about a week until I plateaued, and then another week or two afterwards. After my plateau, I got really fed up because I quit losing anything! Eventually I gained a couple pounds back, but since I started that diet until now, I've lost a total of seventeen pounds. I'm not following that anymore, now I'm just counting calories, eating sensible food, trying not to eat out (my biggest exception being last weekend when I went to Valdosta), and working out. I am 2-3 pounds away from what I weighed starting college. EXCITING. I definitely gained the "Freshman 15" or the "Freshman 20" as they call it these days. Its not easy, especially when no one else around is focusing on eating healthy, but I can do it. What I wish most is that Kaleb would try to eat a little healthier and work out with me, not because I think he needs it or anything, but I think that always helps. When you eat healthy, you feel better and working out produced endorphins. So many people don't realize how working out actually helps you mentally and not just physically. (I love you the way you are, so don't read this and think I'm saying anything bad. :))

The first is obviously a picture of Katniss...I mean, it says her name...so yeh. Anyways, she's the main character. She's a beast. The second is just the cover of the book - and even though I look at the cover every time I open the book on my Nook, I just realized its got that gold Mockingjay on the front cover. Haha...READ UP. Seriously, I give this like a 9/10 so far.

Tomorrow I guess I am going with my grandparents to Savannah to take Papa to the dentist. I think he is having a surgery? I'm really not sure. They probably told me, but sometimes I just can't focus. Anyways...after that I do believe Grandma and I are going to get our nails done. Maybe I can finish this book while we are in Savannah and start on the second one.

I guess I'll get to bed now. Long day ahead of me. Bleghh;

Nighty Night you lovely readers. ;)

- Katie