The Hunger Games!

Its late, 1:40 a.m. and I have to wake up at 7 tomorrow. Well, this morning. I got my Nook in the mail, and I've been up reading The Hunger Games all night. It is beyond amazing, and I just can't put it down. I'm glad it's a trilogy, but I'm kind of upset there is ONLY three. I've seen the trailer for the movie once, and yes - I began reading the book because I remembered seeing it, but once I started, I realized this was going to be amazing. I'm not much of a reader unless I find something really good. It has to pull me in from the beginning or I will give up. I'm telling you now - read the books before the movies come out if you get the chance. The first one is out March 23, 2012. I just re-watched the trailer, that's how I know. Haha :)

On a different subject, I don't know how many people actually follow my blog, but at one point in about August or so, I started the Dukan diet. I stayed with it for about a week until I plateaued, and then another week or two afterwards. After my plateau, I got really fed up because I quit losing anything! Eventually I gained a couple pounds back, but since I started that diet until now, I've lost a total of seventeen pounds. I'm not following that anymore, now I'm just counting calories, eating sensible food, trying not to eat out (my biggest exception being last weekend when I went to Valdosta), and working out. I am 2-3 pounds away from what I weighed starting college. EXCITING. I definitely gained the "Freshman 15" or the "Freshman 20" as they call it these days. Its not easy, especially when no one else around is focusing on eating healthy, but I can do it. What I wish most is that Kaleb would try to eat a little healthier and work out with me, not because I think he needs it or anything, but I think that always helps. When you eat healthy, you feel better and working out produced endorphins. So many people don't realize how working out actually helps you mentally and not just physically. (I love you the way you are, so don't read this and think I'm saying anything bad. :))

The first is obviously a picture of Katniss...I mean, it says her name...so yeh. Anyways, she's the main character. She's a beast. The second is just the cover of the book - and even though I look at the cover every time I open the book on my Nook, I just realized its got that gold Mockingjay on the front cover. Haha...READ UP. Seriously, I give this like a 9/10 so far.

Tomorrow I guess I am going with my grandparents to Savannah to take Papa to the dentist. I think he is having a surgery? I'm really not sure. They probably told me, but sometimes I just can't focus. Anyways...after that I do believe Grandma and I are going to get our nails done. Maybe I can finish this book while we are in Savannah and start on the second one.

I guess I'll get to bed now. Long day ahead of me. Bleghh;

Nighty Night you lovely readers. ;)

- Katie

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