Corn & Cones

To be honest, this post is only in existence because I had 99 posts and it was REALLY bothering me. So yeh...this is my 100th post, yay!

I think I am finally going to start going to an actual gym...not just the fitness rooms at the apartment complex where my mom lives. Haha I am trying to decide between the Y and 24 Seven Fitness. Although, I'm pretty sure it comes down to what Gulfstream is going to help pay for. I assume its going to be the Y, but I'd much rather go to 24 Seven. The Y is just too big for my liking. I know people always say "Don't worry about others, do it for yourself" and everything, but its kind of...embarrassing. Everyone has to start somewhere, I know, but I'd rather my start be in a smaller gym. ;)

Right now I am sitting under my heated blanket sippin' on my one mug of coffee for the day. I'm trying so hard to only drink water, and I have today...except for this one mug. Oh, and I had a couple sips of OJ. Oh well. I'm so envious of people that are naturally skinny, or people who has a family that is about health and fitness. My cousin and I both are like, always trying to be healthy and lose weight and be fit, but it just seems like everyone else around us doesn't care at all. It makes it really hard to stay focused, avoid temptation, and genuinely do well.

I mean, you can't make every meal a lean cuisine. Your family has to help at some point. I guess my Grandma really is trying - she buys me the food I think will be good for this new 'healthy eating'. Tonight, she made a spiral ham and didn't put the glaze on "for me". I think it was half for me, and half because she's diabetic. Either way, she's trying...but it's really hard because we buy my food, and then they buy their food. So I just sit there eating my 12 pretzels and she gets to eat a huge ice cream cone dipped in chocolate with nuts all over it and fudge in the middle.

I really am getting pretty good at turning down sweets, though. Two candy canes at work, I still don't drink soda, and we've had, I swear like, a 5 lb bag of peanut M&Ms on our kitchen table. I think I've eaten like 5 since I tried to stop eating sweets. Haha I almost hate that I started at the holidays, but hey...if I didn't start now, I'd have to deal with it next year. Might as well get this one under my belt so its easier next year. It can't just be a 2 month kind of thing, it has to be a lifetime kind of thing.

I'm finding that even though I don't want to eat unhealthy things, I can still indulge when I've had a better day. I bought these Skinny Cow ice creams that are only 150 calories. I don't eat them every day, but I have them so when I'm really craving sugar, I can have that instead of a 400 calorie one or a huge 600 calorie piece of cake or something.

I think I am going to delete my old blog about that stupid fashion crap and start one about healthy living. Put like, my progress on there and all. I guess I can try that, and if its a flop, then oh well. I'll keep it for me and make it private! Alright, my poor fingers hurt from typing all this now, so I'm going to get some rest for work tomorrow!


- Katie

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