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I keep having these random thoughts that I want to put out there - and I don't really want to make it my FB status, so here they are:

1. Lately, I've been figuring out how many calories I'm eating. Aside from just counting my calories though, I am figuring out WHAT my calories are. Fat, Carbs, Sugars, Protein, etc. So, I made a list of things I might eat on a normal day back in WA. TRUST ME, I did not eat this stuff every day, nor did I actually eat all of it in one day...unless it was just a really bad day. HA

Cookies n Cream Poptarts - 380/10/70/4
McDonald's (for lunch while at work) - 360/16/40/14 & 231/11.5/29/28
Totino's Cheese Pizza (for dinner when I get home) - 640/30/68/24
Fiber One Bar (snack at some point in the day) - 140/4/29/2
Mini Snickers Bar - 45/2.1/5.6/.8
Reeses - 210/13/24/5
Mcdonald's Sweet Tea - 280/0/69/1
Cake (for dessert of course) - 340/14.3/50.7/5

The first number in the series is the calories, second is fats, third is carbs, and fourth is protein. All together, that day would equal 2,626 calories, 100.9 grams of fat, 385.3 grams of carbs, & 58.6 grams of protein. Even further, this would mean that 908.1 calories that I took in that day were just FATS. 1,541.2 calories were straight carbs, and only 234.4 calories would have been protein.

For comparison, here is my breakdown from something I would eat now:

1/2 C. Oats - 150/3/27/5
1 Banana - 90/.3/18.5/9
Pudding Cup (After workout) - 110/1.5/24/2
Protein Shake - 185/4.5/10/25
4 Egg Whites - 68/3/.8/14.4
1/4 C. Cheese - 100/7/.5/4
1 Slice Ham - 35/.75/2/5
1 Banana - 90/.3/18.5/9
Subway (Grilled chicken breast on flatbread, no cheese or sauce, and lots of veggies!) - 355/7/47/22
2 oz Baked Turkey - 76.5/.4/0/17
2 Egg Whites - 25/0/1/5
1/4 C. Nonfat Cheese - 45/0/2/9
1 oz Tomato - 5/.1/1.1/.2
1 oz Avocado - 45/4.2/2.4/.6
1 Tsp Organic Olive Oil - 120/14/0/0
4 oz Grilled Chicken - 164/5.2/0/30

Total: 1,663/51.25/154.8/147.2

Fats - 461.3 cals
Carbs - 619.2 cals
Protein - 588.8 cals

Yeh yeh, I know it looks like gibberish, but it makes so much since. Honestly, just look at the difference at the very last thing in each situation. Also, look how much MORE I ate on the 2nd situation. It was hard, don't get me wrong...I seriously struggle with eating enough calories, but healthy food is SO so so so so much better for you. It fills you up, it keeps you full longer, AND it has less of the bad stuff and more of the good stuff, so there's absolutely no way I think I could EVER eat 2600 calories eating healthy. Watch what you eat, seriously. I posted a status on Facebook earlier explaining that it took a 125 lb girl running at 5 mph for 30 min to burn off the 240 calories in a pack of regular M&Ms.

I never thought about it until I decided to research. Do your part. God gave you a body, and it is your temple. Take care of it!

- Katie

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