The first day I moved to Valdosta I had no one. Kaleb wasn't gonna be there for almost a week, and the only people I sort of knew were Hailey and Erica from guard tryouts in May. They are just about the only ones I talked to then so all the other girls were still a mystery to me. The first day of guard camp Sara told me she liked my phone cover because it was zebra, and I told her I liked her converses...they had zebra shoelaces. We were completely across the circle from one another, and that was just the beginning of our friendship.

After a couple of days Jordan finally moved in, so then I met my roommate for the year. To be honest, I thought she was so weird at first. I mean, there was like 3 kids running around, another baby strapped on to some lady, and then like 5 adults all in our room when I came back for lunch. She had super long hair, and was kind of dressed hipsterish, so I ran fast after that lunch. (I've told her all this...don't worry :P) Anyways, I thought I was doomed to have a weird roommate and no friends.

A few weeks later, I assume, is when we got our bid letters. Sara and I, and then I found out a few others did too that I actually knew. We had our meeting, but a few girls decided against pledging Tau Beta Sigma. Sara being one of them. I was so upset, but I didn't want to quit just because my friend did. I didn't know much about this sorority, but I soon found out. I loved everything they were about, what they did, and how they handled themselves. Everyone has great personalities, not just like...those regular social sororities that just party and pretend to do good in class. I'm sorry, I'm just not a fan of them.

My point is, that today is December 12, 2011. The charter date of the Zeta Tau Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma is December 12, 1981. I want to say Happy Charter Day to everyone in Zeta Tau, and I wanted to thank you all for all the love you have given me and everyone else. You seriously made my year better and I canNOT wait to be back there with everyone. :)

"It is an honor to be selected to serve." MLITB & M.O.T.S. :)


- Katie

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