Okay, SERIOUSLY. It is so freaking RUDE to walk into a store when you know they are closing in 10 min.

We were slow alllll day today, and then at 8:49 an entire family walks in. You all know me, and I got so mad that they didn't have the courtesy to wait until the next day, or get there just a BIT earlier, so I walked up to them and asked if they needed anything - just like I do when any OTHER dumb people walk in as we're closing. Of course they said no and went along with what they were doing...messing up our perfectly straightened plus side of the store. Well, I don't enjoy people doing this, so what did I do? I followed them. Around every rack, and made sure to fix every single freaking thing they touched so that they'd get the hint. Did they? Of course not.

DON'T DO THIS TO PEOPLE. Its so RUDEEEE. Unless you've worked retail, you will NEVER understand how rude you are being. Seriously, here is a list of things to remember:

1. Take your things OUT of the fitting room.
2. At least TRY to hang things back up right - it makes it easier on us.
3. DO NOT WALK IN when the store is closing.
4. DO NOT TALK ON YOUR PHONE loudly when the store is super quiet. I really actually DON'T want to hear your ghetto conversation about how that guy was cheating on you.
5. Don't talk on your phone at the register. It just pisses off the cashier. (I talk as loudly as I can to you, and ask you as many questions as I can...so just don't do it. I'll piss you right back off.)
6. Don't put things in the wrong place. If you don't know where it goes, there is usually a rolling rack outside of the dressing room - put it there.
7. Don't separate clothes and hangers. ITS IRRITATING to find empty hangers or clothes hanging over a rack.
8. Don't double question a freaking price. Ask once, that's cool...but don't ask me to recheck. I WASN'T LYING THE FIRST TIME.
9. Don't ignore me when I ask you a simple question like "Are you finding everything okay". I'll make the rest of your visit a living hell.
10. DON'T ask an associate to find every white shirt in a large. You look for it, & we ring you up and tell you it looks good.
11. Don't expect the associate to be your personal shopper. Just don't do it. You have two feet, so do it yourself. We have 20 other customers to watch & help.
12. If you knock something over, try to pick it up, or at least TELL an associate. It pisses me off to walk up to a wall that has half the clothes on the floor. I don't care if you did it, but at least freaking let me know.

Well, I think that's all. Now be nice to the workers when you shop, I'll tell you first hand that its not as fun for us as it is for you. So do your part, and don't be that person we go home at night and yell about. Thanks :)

- Katie

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