I loved Chocolate.

Well, tomorrow will be exactly six weeks since I've been really working hard. Six weeks since I learned how to eat and how to properly use gym equipment. My days are so long - waking up at 4:30 every morning gets exhausting. I can't just go to bed at 8:30 every night, so I rarely get enough sleep. Having a job, a boyfriend, a family, and going to the gym gets very complicated. There are many fights...but everyone understands.

My plan at the beginning was 'lose fat'. A lot of it...haha. Now though, my goal has transformed into something from an entirely different universe. Not only do I want to lose fat, but I want to tone my body, learn about what I'm doing (anatomy, diet & nutrition, etc.), and I want to be able to show others how to better themselves. SIX weeks people. I'm telling you - this is almost the tiniest I've been since like...ever. I'm not skinny, I know that, but I'm way closer than I've ever been. I'm learning so much about my body. What certain foods do for me & how I actually FEEL after eating certain foods (not just how it tasted). I ate chocolate the other day and got so sick. I thought I was going to feel good...but then I realized that chocolate and sugar don't make me feel good anymore. I feel better after I eat some vegetables or a sweet potato. (Weird, I know...right?) DON'T get me wrong, I love my cheat meals...but I can't say that I feel great after them.

Speaking of cheat meals - make sure you have one a week. If you don't, you'll binge. Just throwing that out there. Its an awful feeling afterwards too. (You won't die though...I already had mine. LOL I still lost weight)

So many people message me (and Keely...that amazing person who taught me almost everything I know. :P) asking how its done. Am I on a diet? What do I do in the gym? First of all, I am NOT on a diet. I'm changing my lifestyle. That's your first step. If you're serious about being healthy, this is a lifestyle change, not a diet. Diets end, and well, the other doesn't. Workouts are going to be different for everyone. Keely and I work out together every single day (and Morgan now :)) and we follow basically the same program together. Sometimes I have to substitute an exercise for something she can do because I just can't do it (or vice versa).

Here is a picture she posted today:

It is an amazing quote. I wish everyone could read this. 

You can't just run on the treadmill for 3 hours a day, all you're going to do is get one of those sickly runner's bodies. (They come with loose skin if your starting weight is very high.) Those stupid pills don't work. You can't buy a bottle of pills and expect to magically lose 20 pounds. And last but not least, fad diets are AWFUL. If you want to lose the weight and keep it off, you have to LEARN what your body needs. Give it what it needs to live and not just 'low carbs' or 'low fat' because that's what all the celebrities are doing. They're lying to you anyways...they have personal trainers. They're just a face to put on a product to make people buy it. 

I have a lot more to say - but I figured it might come out wrong, if some of this hasn't already. Plus, I'm dying to go to sleep and have to be up in six and a half hours. So, good night. :)

- Katie

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