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1 year ago. LOL 180-140 (well, actually 143, but I just kind of want to round down...Haha)

I haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks and one day. 15 days. Without the gym. And lots of shit food. My weight has fluctuated a little (aka. I gained a couple pounds, bitch.), but I decided to post tonight so that people could be inspired, I guess. Maybe more motivated than inspired. I wanted people to know that even though I lost all that weight, I DEFINITELY still have obstacles. Working at a restaurant that I freaking LOVE is awfulllllll. I love it, but it is so tempting. I used to order food like, every day when I first started...but I am getting better now. Eventually I won't order any more. I'm back to measuring out my almonds and eating fish and rice. Yum...I had my first 'right' meal today since like, 2 weeks ago. Not even kidding...the only meal I eat like I'm supposed to is my oats in the morning. I've stayed loyal to my oats through this hard time. Hahaha

Anyways, point of my post: If you're also in the process of losing weight, or want to start the process, don't be discouraged just because you gain a pound or go a couple weeks maintaining, but not losing. I promise, it has happened to me more times than I can count. It took me 3 WEEKS to lose one pound at one point. I was stuck at 151 that whole time. Then, I lost a couple pounds in the next two weeks and then got stuck for another 3 weeks at 148. It happens, so don't give up or be all sad when it does.

I forgot to say this back when it mattered, but I'll throw it in now. :) I took a picture tonight because I thought I was going to look super fat. I was so scared, because I mean...I'm like 2 pounds heavier. That doesn't seem like a lot, but since muscle weighs more than fat, if I've lost any muscle mass, I could have gained that weight back in fat! :(

I was only going to post the picture and '1 year ago. LOL'. Then, my brain decided to go to work.

- Katie

P.S. Sorry for the sound thing stuck in the after picture. I took a screen shot and muted it right before. Guess I was too ninja fast for my own good. :)

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