Scratch On My Cornea

I woke up this morning with my eye feeling really funky. After about 3 minutes of walking around doing my thing, I realize it actually just hurts. I went to the bathroom, examined it, and concluded that I had pink eye.

I decided to go to the gym with Keely anyways.

While driving to the gym, it really started bothering me, and once I got there it interfered with my workout, so I decided to go to the eye doctor. Come to find out, I have a 'scratch' on my eye that he described as having a "chunk" taken out of my cornea. Uh, ew. So he put lots of eye drops in...one that numbed my eye - that was really cool, and then he put in this 'bandage' contact. It was basically so that every time I blink, my eyelid doesn't scrape the open nerve endings in my eyeball.

And, I have to put in an eye drop every 15 minutes. And then a stinging antibiotic one 4 times a day. Needless to say, I can only half see out of my left eye and things are getting really frustrating.

First thing I thought: "How the heck did this even happen?"

Yeh, I have no clue. I was at work yesterday when it really started bothering me for the first time, so I'm clueless.

Now, tonight is my 4 year anniversary with Kaleb and I have to sit at home all alone. I was scheduled to work all day, but they had too many people scheduled for dinner shift, so they sent me home. Kaleb has to work. This sucks.

I guess I'll just watch some Vampire Diaries with Ziggy. <3

- Katie

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