Reading Makes the Brain Smarter

Well, I had my 'surgery' 3 days ago, and I haven't gone to the gym since that morning beforehand. So 3 days of missing the gym. :( I am getting really anxious. I would go if I knew that my mouth wouldn't hurt. UGH.

I continue to get messages from people asking about my workout routine or what I eat or whatever. Its cool...I'm happy that people are so interested in what I've done. I think its quite funny though that people are scared to message me. I mean, I get it...Keely and I had kind of grown apart when I asked her about everything, so I was a little nervous too...I just think its funny. I get a giggle out of it when they tell me they were scared to ask me about any of it.

I have like, 1 or 2 episodes left of Switched at Birth until I've watched the whole first season :) I'm making myself stop for today though so I can read some Pretty Little Liars books! I am almost done with the second one, and I have the third and fourth on my nook. Once I'm done with ALLLL of them...I'm going to start reading the Lying Game series. I bought the first one yesterday at Barnes and Noble :)

Kaleb is going to read the Hunger Games. I'm excited because then I can finally talk to him about everything in it. I hate when he wants to wait and just see the movies, because we can't talk about any of the other books. :( I'm such a nerd. Oh well!

I feel so freaking lazy. OMG. I seriously think I'm going to get cleaned up in a little bit and hit up the gym. I haven't run in almost a week...and my 5K is one week from today. I might just have to walk part of this one and then sign up for another one later on...my goal was to run a 5K by June anyways. Not April. We'll see though. I am SOOO excited Hannah is doing the race too! Hopefully we can finish it together, but if not...I'm still glad she is doing it! We are driving up there next Friday I think...I am TOO excited. :)

- Katie

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