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Exactly what that says... :)

Last night was so rough. I was laying in bed talking to Kaleb right after he got off work, and pretty soon after I decided it was time to go to sleep. As SOON as I fall asleep, I wake up to a call from him, so I pick up. He started yelling and I was so upset thinking I did something. I realized about 10 seconds later that he'd gotten in a car wreck. So I rolled out of bed, and drove out to the accident. Thank goodness he (and the other guy) are perfectly fine. A deer ran out in front of the guy he was riding behind and Kaleb ended up rear ending his friend. Kaleb's car is so messed up that he has to get a new one. :( But like I said, THANK GOODNESS he is fine. Ahh, its like my worst fear in the world for him to call me and say he got in a car wreck. :(

Anyways, I ended up staying at his house last night because I didn't want to drive back home at 2 am (when I go to bed at like...9 or 10 usually...although its 11:15 now, but anyways...). I probably didn't go to sleep until around 3, and then slept in until like 11 or 12 on accident. I guess it was good though, I definitely needed the sleep! After I woke up I ended up going home to get ready for my 2nd interview at LongHorn! (I got the job, btw... :)) I went through a short orientation and then as I was leaving realized Kaleb surprised me and showed up there to eat! I got to see him even though I thought he had to work. :) I was super excited!

I went to the gym tonight and was super pumped with my pre-workout and everything. I went at like 6:15 pm though and I NEVER go then because of all the people in there. There is a permanent douchebag time at the gym, and its between 10 am and 2 am. Anytime after 2 and before 10, is the perfect time to do it. UGH. They just sit there and watch you in the mirror, ask if you need a spot, and then try to talk to you and flirt. Gross. I don't want to be flirted with by a big, nasty, sweaty, steroid-taking guy.

Anyways, workout wise...it was leg day #1. Squats, SLDL, and Plies. I was going to do calves, but they were seriously STILL cramping up and burning from LAST Tuesday...PLUS they were redoing the floor in the main room, so the machines were moved around and I couldn't find the calf machines. So, yeh. Butttt...since everyone cares, I did go up in weight on my squats. :) It took me almost 3 months to get to 100 pounds, and for the past two weeks I could only do 105. I only went up 5 more pounds, but its exciting to me. :)

I hate doing my SLDL when there are a lot of guys in the weights room because I have to stick my butt out and they just stare at it in the mirror. If there are any guys reading this that do that...WE CAN SEE YOU STARING. The mirrors are 2 ways, and I can see that you've stopped what you're doing. Just saying....LOL

Okay, I'm done talking about my workout now. I lost another pound though. Down to 143.5 SO close to my 130s. I'm so ecstatic...you don't even know. I need to go to sleep now. Getting my wisdom tooth taken out tomorrow, and I'll have to get to the gym before we leave for savannah!

- Katie

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