Bummin' In Sweatpants and a Tee

But girl, you wish you were lookin' like me.


Okay, so seriously...I ALWAYS want a day off. So I don't have to worry about getting to work, or driving to Savannah, or whatever. I just want days that are so free I can just lay in bed all day and it doesn't matter one bit. Well, I got up today at my mom's, and went to the fitness center at her apartment complex. (All I needed today was a treadmill. :( ) After running, I came home and was just about to jump in the shower to get ready to go to Savannah when Morgan (my cousin) told me we'd have to wait til another day. I mean, I was sad and all, I wanted to see her...and get my errands done, but I almost jumped for joy!

No way! I got a whole day to myself.......Now I feel like a lazy bum and I kind of want to go to the gym. LOL I'm not though, because I'm trying my hardest to save gas and money! I am watching Make It Or Break It and its AMAZING. :) I can't wait until the new season premiers!

I lost another pound today. Since last May/June...ish, I've lost 34 pounds!! (But, I didn't really start doing anything about it until like July...which by then I was about 175 or so.) Since December, when I started working out with Keely, I've lost exactly 20 pounds. Not even 3 months! I started on December 17th, and its March 4th. Nice! Pant size 14 down to a 6! I've also lost around 11.5 inches all over. I'm just trying to put this into perspective for myself I think.

I was told that once I lost a lot of weight, I'd still think I was fat...I almost didn't believe them. I have to admit, I ALMOST feel like I look the same. I know I'm smaller, and I know I'm healthier, but I'm honestly still as insecure as I was 9 months ago. I have my good days, and I walk around thinkin' I'm fly (HA)...but I always have bad days when I go to the gym and push myself because I think I haven't changed at all.

I really think I am going to go back and reread all of the Hunger Game books, they are just so good.

Maybe just the first one, since the first movie is coming out. Who knows?

Oh yeh, and here's some pics from my past couple of weeks and stuff :)

my tres and i :)

pool of blood, what? no, we dyed her hair red.

poor amelia, hiding. ;)

like, a month ago. HAHA 

like i said, today i'm bummin' it. 

12/17/11 - 2/16/12 

Alright, too much time is being taken away from MIOBI. Back to my show.

- Katie

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