One Forty Four

I've had a couple of weeks lately where I didn't follow my meal plan to the T, and I've probably cheated wayyy too much, but I'm back! For real this time. :) I ate right again for ONE day already and I lost a pound. I broke my plateau because I went back to my complete meal plan for one day. That's how different it is to eat what you have planned out and to cheat a little while doing it. I weigh 144 as of THIS morning. I am only FOURTEEN pounds away from my goal weight! OH MY GOSH. I'm so freaking excited. I don't think I've EVERRRRR been this close to my goal weight. One time, I weighed 134...but I wasn't nearly as skinny then as I am now. Not that I'm skinny yet, but you know what I'm saying.

Anyways, I should have left for the gym seven minutes ago, but I was just too excited and had to let the world know that I lost an entire pound. :)

I'm pretty sure my whole point of this post was to say 'a pound is a pound. CELEBRATE every one of them.!' You are healthier with even just ONE fat cell shriveled :) (That graphic comment came from the article I just read and finally learned what happens when fat is 'burned' LOL) -----> Fat Burning Article.

Off to the gym I go. I have 13 days until my 5K. I hope I can run at least two miles today. FML.

- Katie

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