3 Days Left!

Today was a PERFECT day. :)

I woke up at 6:30 and went to the gym super early before most people got there. I had a great workout. Then, I went to Kaleb's and took an hour nap with him before he had to wake up to get ready for work. After he left I cleaned up a little, did some laundry, and started reading the 3rd PLL book on my nook. I got so caught up and ended up reading almost ALL of it in one day. Oops! :)

I worked at Cato tonight, so I got ready and headed off to work...stopping by Subway on my way. (YUM. <3...This also made my day!)

After work I was driving home, but Macy started actin' up, and I was about to be at Kaleb's road, so I just pulled in there and tried to make my lights work. They wouldn't...so I just went on to his house and ended up staying there for a little while. I decided I wanted to go to the gym again, so I changed and headed back to Pooler. I had an even BETTER workout tonight than I did this morning, so now I'm super tired.

I am so excited to sleep in tomorrow. Haha...seriously. Ecstatic. Kaleb gets to sleep in super long tomorrow too. (I know he's happy about that.) I am working at LongHorn tomorrow night and Thursday night before I head off to Hotlanta with the Cookes (& Monique...although she's kind of included. ;)) so, so, SO excited for our 5K. I've decided I will NOT be running all of it. I will just do another before June, but I am excited because it will be so much fun. I mean how can you not enjoy looking like a rainbow at the end of a 3 mile run/walk?!

Anyways, I am going to read a little more of this book and head of to bed. :)

- Katie

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