Moving Out

I'm not really sure a lot of people know...not that this is some huge deal or anything, but Kaleb and I are MOVING OUT. Yay! So excited...like, words can't even describe how excited we are. We are moving in with one of our friends for now, but I'm so happy that we aren't going to be living with our parents anymore. I mean, I love them...and they really do help a lot...but I'm excited to live on my own. The bill paying is a sad part, but quite honestly, we are already paying a crap ton for things we don't really need anyways. And when I say 'things', I mean unnecessary gas. HAHA

I, personally, have been spending about $400 a month in gas. RIDICULOUS. Its my job at Cato. Its been a little better since I just got my new job at Longhorn, because I've mostly been working there and its 15 minutes closer to my house. Our new place is going to be like...2 minutes from each of our jobs. So...gas is going to be SOOOOO much cheaper. I'm happy about that.

The day is Thursday. He is moving his stuff in on Thursday morning while I am at work, and then when I get off we'll go get my stuff and then stay the night there. WOO. :) :) This is the second to last night I'll be sleeping at my grandma's. I love them, but YAY.

Okay...I promise I am done with talking about that now. :)

I haven't been to the gym since THURSDAY. I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms. Friday I walked around Atlanta a lot...so I guess that was a little more exercise than I would have gotten if I had just sat at home, right? I wanted to go to the fitness center at the hotel, but I didn't have enough time. Saturday was our run, so that was kind of like my Sunday workout...just cardio. And Sunday (yesterday), I didn't go because I worked and I figured Easter was a good day to just have a complete rest day. I REALLY need to get up and go tonight. I think I'm going to let my dinner settle and then go up there later because I. Feel. Icky.

- Katie

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