Music Birdie and High Tops

I wish I had time to post a blog every day again. This time two years ago, about when I started this blog, I was so...not busy. I was taking like 16 hours in school, lived on campus, and was pledging TBS. That was my life.

Now, I'm taking 16 hours, living OFF campus (you wouldn't imagine how much of a difference that makes...they weren't lying when they said you'd do better living on campus), going to the gym, and working pretty much full time. It's really hard to be going to school full time and working full time. I wish I could just work like one day a week, but the little bit extra that I make working 5 or 6 days a week is really needed to pay the bills.

Yes, the gym only takes about an hour a day, but on top of going to the gym I have to eat healthy. (Which has NOT been happening lately...I mean, it has, I guess. I just haven't been doing as well as I usually do) I have to plan my meals ahead of time since I am always running. It's so easy to just stop by McDonald's or Zaxby's on the way to school or work, but I have realized this past week that I can't do that. It just makes me sick because I haven't eaten that stuff in so long. So then I go without eating because I can't get to anything healthy and that doesn't really help either. ANYWAYS, my point is...gym time & healthy eating takes up more time than you'd think because you have to plan and prepare the meals and food ahead of time so it is ready to go. That's why I usually cook up a lot of food on my day off and then put it in a container and take it with me when I go to school or work.

School is going well, like I said I'm taking 16 hours. Biology, Anthropology, English, Music Appreciation, and Psychology. Its a pretty good semester, but I'd love it even more if I wasn't taking that English class. :) It's too time consuming with a job. Ugh.

I'm ALMOST done with core though. I think just one more semester! I'll be TOO glad to be done with that. Now, I just have to make sure Rehab Science/Physical Therapy is what I want to do, because like I've said before, this is my third major, and I want to make sure I don't want to switch once I start my actual major classes. That would suuuuuuck!

Now that we've gotten past all that, I've decided to actually put some effort into my blog again, because it really does relieve stress. AND Google sent me a card for $100 worth of free advertising for my blog! Cool, hunh? :) Thanks Google! Now I just need to have something to advertise. ;)

Weight loss bit:

I have to have little goals to push myself a little harder, because as I'm sure you can see...I fall of the wagon a LOT. My long term goal is clearly to be about 16-18% body fat, and when I reach that (my original deadline was December 17, 2012, but who knows what it will be now?), I plan on getting my bird tattoo made of music symbols.

It will look something like this! :) I am getting it on my rib though, not on my wrist. I'm waiting until my goal because first of all, its an incentive, and second of all, I want something on my torso once I'm skinny...and when I can show it off. ;)

My short term goal for now is that when I reach the 120s I will buy myself my new tennis shoes. They're pretty expensive. I still can't decide if I want some Coach or Michael Kors high tops, or if I want some new Nikes...good thing I have some time to think about it. :D Haha I'm only 8 pounds away! So once I lose these 8 pounds...its goin' down. BAM!

Alright, I have class soon. I should go.

- Katie

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