Today, Ashley is going to get her hair done (if you didn't read my last post), and I'm going to go get another feather put in...maybe it'll stay in this time.

I'm also gonna clean my room since its an absolute wreck from just coming home and crashing after work every night. The big fair opens tomorrow, so I'm hoping we'll go to that in the morning before I have to be at work at 6:30. I hate closing that store. Its just so big & messy.

I think everyone in the entire world should have to work retail as their first job. I think they should see how much people are assholes when they're shopping. I mean seriously, its ridiculous. Since I've worked in retail, I know to put things back how I found them, or hand them already hung up to the person in the fitting room, and like, a bajillion other things. I'm just sayin...there's no need to grab 50 items and place them all on one rack because you just decided you don't want them anymore...but this is all beside the point.

I don't know why I even went on that rampage, its just gets me so angry. HA.

So, yeh...I got this new shirt from Penny's the other day, and its super cute. Its a strapless shirt with like, floral and lace. It was only 5 bucks. I got it on my lunch break (because I know that was a super important detail).

Blogger, I don't like the new way you're making me put pictures in my posts. That's why I never do it anymore.

I'll probably post more later, and what I mean by probably is: I probably won't because I'll be too tired, and I'll just be like "well, I posted earlier". :)

- Katie

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