Part Time or Full Time?

I know its been two weeks since I posted last, but this post will be REALLY good to make up for it...haha, kidding. It'll probably be the same as all the other ones.

Since I started working at H&M, I've had absolutely no extra time ever. I've been closing a lot, so when I get home at 11 or 11:30, I am super tired and just crash. I finally worked an opening shift yesterday and realized I'd rather be in Tacoma at 8 every morning rather than close. Its so much better, and you only handle customers for 2 hours :P (haha...) Seriously though, its been so busy - I'm scheduled like, 36 hours this week...

Don't get me wrong, I do love working with the customers, but not even trying to be stereotypical here, they are so RUDE! They expect you to do EVERYTHING, they are so needy, and they don't thank you for anything. I think I've had two or three customers I could hold a conversation with at the register, but other than that...its the same old "Hey, how are you? Did you find everything okay?" routine. It gets so boring, and its only like that because people up here are more inverted. They don't want to have small talk or smile and be nice. Its very different than working at Cato where you know every other person who walks in the store and you can talk to someone for 20 minutes while they're sister or husband is shopping next door at Kroger.

I've been on such a Sims kick lately that I have been playing any free minute I have. (Bad, I know. :P) I left both of my Sims disks in GA at my mom's house, so I played on the family computer here when Kaitlyn wasn't on it...which was barely ever by the way. Eventually, I realized I could uninstall Ambitions and just use their Sims 3 disk on my laptop, so now I don't have to fight for the computer anymore (yay!).

I bought Marley this little hanging cat toy thing, its cute.

**So, I wrote this like two days ago, and never freakin posted it. I think I was gonna put more, but oh well. This is all you get for now.

If you read my status on Facebook, then you know why I haven't posted lately. If you didn't, then surely you would have noticed that I haven't posted like 50 times an hour, or maybe you haven't. Haha, I don't care either way, I'm just saying its ridiculous.

Okay, I am going to dry my hair so I can be at work at 9 am. FML

- Katie

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