The Big Fair

Today started off with work at 8 am. Stock is always stressful...for me.

Work was pretty good today, I like being in the back room.

Just to throw this out there - I am seriously one of the most giving people ever. I will give you everything I have to make sure everyone else is happy. I will spend my paycheck on my stepsisters before I frieken spend it on me. Seriously, the other day we went to Starbucks and I said I'd buy them drinks, but without thinking...I didn't realize it would be so expensive, so I was seriously contemplating not getting anything at all so I could afford to get them what they wanted. I give and give and one thing I cannot stand is for people to take advantage of it.

When I drive you wherever you want, pay for the gas to do it, and then pay for whatever you're wanting at the store or fast food place, don't tell me that I don't do anything for you - Kaitlyn. I guess whenever you're 11, you don't realize everything that people actually do for you. There is absolutely no reason to sit there and tell me straight to my damn face that I do nothing for you though.

I don't ask for much. I don't ask for you to worship at my damn feet, and I don't ask you to go out of your way or stop what you are doing to do things for me. All i expect is a "thank you" and a favor every now and then when I really need it. Honestly, you're 11...what would I ask you to do that would be ridiculously hard? NOTHING. I don't ask you to do anything you aren't able to do, and I don't ask you to go out of your way, so don't tell me that you won't do anything because I've done nothing for you. // end rant.

I love all my stepsisters, I really do. Sometimes though, people need to realize what they're saying to others before it comes out. When you say something to me, I don't forget it. It plays over in my head, so don't expect me to just 'get over' whatever you have to say to me to hurt my feelings at the time. I didn't grow up the way you three did, I grew up a lot differently and I think you should respect it the way I respect the way you were brought up.

I work tomorrow from 1:30 to 10:30 and then I'm off until next Thursdayyyy :) I'm very excited about going home for a week! I miss everyone so so so so much. I don't know what I'm going to do when I have to wait longer than 3 months to go home & see everyone. :(

Alissa and I went to The Big Fair tonight. It was a lot of fun. I spent way too much money and ate way too many calories, but it was all worth it. Selena Gomez was at the fair tonight performing, and I got to see her on the big screen, and then I actually saw her for like, a half a second. I was kind of mad because I sat there and waited in line for the swings ride so I could see her, and as soon as I saw her, she went off stage and the show was over! Holy goodness sake. I was upset, but at least I saw her. I definitely heard her, the speakers were all around the outside of the stadium inside the fair.

Sims 3 and then bedtime! Good night lovesss :)

- Katie

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