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Its 3:15 AM here, and 12:15 AM in Washington. Its really weird not being on the same time zone as everyone else. I don't know how rich people travel so often. I'd be like "I'll stay in my time zone". I know its only a three hour difference, but believe it or not...it actually matters. Like tomorrow, we are waking up at 9, which is 6 my time. The absolute ONLY time I wake up that early is when I have to get ready for an 8 o clock shift at work. I guess its been often lately, but still. I don't have to travel all day afterwards, I just get off at 12 and go home and sleep. :)

I am typing this on my phone by the way, so if there are typos, that's why. I'll fix them when I have a computer to use.
Today was kind of busy. I woke up and got ready and ended up going to Nathan's with Tori, Amelia, and their friends Tyrone & Devin. After that I went to the bookstore and got Kaitlyn and Alissa something small for a gift. I watched more Harry Potter with Kaleb, took lots of pictures with Sara & Jordan (Thanks Chad!), and went to stroll practice. I definitely miss ATTEMPTING to stroll. HA! I saw my old bio lab teacher today too. It was kind of wierd.

I don't think I am ever going to post a blog from my phone again because it autocorrects awfully. And my phone thinks harry potter is harry porter. Anyways, im going to bed...hopefully. gooooood night :)

- Katie

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