How Many Are In Your Party?

Today I'm pondering the fact that I may or may not have health insurance through my company as of January 2014. A friend at work posted something about how she was going to be paying $200 a month for health insurance on JUST herself come January. (She has 2 kids as well!) So, as I'm sitting here listening to everyone complain about Obamacare, I'm just like "whatever, I have insurance...I'm good". Guess not!

The semester is coming to a close; we have 3-4 weeks left, depending on when finals are. I almost wish we weren't going on break. Its like whenever I want to have a break, there's not one anytime soon, and when I don't want one, we have a month long break.

I didn't realize before how much things can change in a split second. You think everything is going well, and you're building on everything that started at the absolute worst, then all of a sudden everything you've worked for means absolutely nothing.

Weight loss in progress. Progress will be posted as soon as some progress has been made.

My contacts are working very well. I finally figured out how to put them in AND take them out efficiently. I can see, and I don't have to wear my glasses to the gym - I can now SEE things. Oh lord, running made easy.

Work is great. I was talking to some girls from work, and they said exactly what everyone from work says when they first get a chance to talk to me, "I hated you at first, but now you're cool". Is it just me, or does anyone think their job is super important?

Imagine: You and your friend walk into a restaurant. No one is there to greet you, so you stand awkwardly for a minute or two until the host finally realizes you're there. She is rude, doesn't made eye contact and then walks you to the table and then leaves without a word. Your server greets you and gets your drink order. When the server comes back with the drinks, they ask if you're ready. You say no, so they say they'll check back in a few minutes. They walk away, and 5 minutes later you see them chatting it up by the back computer while being rude/loud/unprofessional. They then walk to the back, stay for another 5 minutes, and then come back to get your order. When your food is finally put in and you are waiting on your salads, you hear some employees cleaning up the table next to you gossiping/cussing/being unprofessional. Your food finally comes out and the food runner asks if you need anything else; you tell them you need ketchup and mustard and they say they'll grab it. 5 minutes later when your server gets back to you, they still haven't brought the ketchup or mustard, your food is cooked incorrectly, and someone walking by somehow managed to spill something on you without apologizing or offering to clean it up. Eventually, everything is situated and  you're cashing out, just ready to leave because your experience has not been the best. A manager has not been over to talk to you, and your server did not do anything to help. Before leaving,  you get up to wash your hands and use the restroom, but can't find it. Politely, you stop an employee to ask where it is; they rudely point to the back and walk away.

How would you feel? How would you react? Would you have asked for a manager? Would you have left the restaurant? Would you have noticed some of the problems in this situation? Personally, I would have probably just left. I wouldn't have wanted to raise a scene, but sometimes things like that can be very frustrating. Some of my coworkers, whether its accidental or not (including myself) do some of the things in this scenario thinking its not big deal. My problem with this is that if this happened to YOUR table, they might tell everyone they know not to come back because they had an awful experience. In turn, they will tell everyone they know, and then they will tell everyone THEY know. It gets to be a mess, and you can lose so much business because of one party's bad experience. Now imagine that not only one, but ALL the parties in the restaurant had a bad experience, do you know how many people that is? These guests that visit our restaurant keep us in business. This keeps me employed, and keeps food on MY table. Some of my coworkers get SO mad at me because I'm crazy OCD, but honestly...I wouldn't have it any other way.

I like rules. I like things to be the way they should. There are REASONS that these rules and regulations have been set the way they are, and there is a reason everyone has been told to follow them. I'm so tired of people thinking they are above the rules.


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