So Macy broke down last week. I think it was like Thursday or something. Apparently my fuel pump went out. FML, right? RIGHT.

So I'm at work yesterday, having the worst day ever...and I get a call from the lady at the car shop.

"...So, I've got the bad news - its your fuel pump."
I was like yeh, that's what we figured. How much is it gonna be?
"Well the labor alone is $264.15."

Then my day went from bad to insanely awful. LUCKILY (Thank God...literally) I know someone who knows someone and I'm getting a fuel pump for SUPER cheap. ($200) They are normally between $300 and $700. I DIED when I heard that...you know, before I was told that I had connections. THEN, after I found out that I was already up to $464.15, I was informed that I must also buy a fuel filter to go with it or it couldn't be warrantied out. Those, can be anywhere between $15 and $70. I learned today, that to buy it with my pump...its an extra $100. I'm buying a $20 one from AutoZone.

Long story short: its gonna be about $500 to fix my car, and I can't even get it back for like a week or longer.

The house is getting clean though.

- Katie

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