P.E. & Houses!

The best part about going to the gym when there are a bunch of guys there is that they all give you a dirty ass look wondering why the hell you're walking into the weight room, and then realize you lift almost as much as them.

BAM. No more dirty looks.

The gym wasn't all that great today, I was kind of bummed with my calorie burn, but I know I'm going to be sore tomorrow because I did some work. I did chest (DB bench press, DB flyes, incline press, and the machine flyes). I was going to also do abs, but there were literally about 4 times as many people there today as normal and I didn't really feel comfortable doing my cable crunches with my ass sticking out in front of all those guys...so abs are another day. HAHA

On another note, school is going well. I'm almost positive I'm making an A in every class. I hope so anyway...
I finally signed up for all my classes for next semester and the summer semester. I am taking 16 hours right now, working probably between 20-30 hours a week now, and I'm slammed all the time. Noooo extra time. Next semester I am taking 17 hours and the summer semester I am taking 10. I think I am going to have to work less. Ugh. No more Starbucks.

Tuesday as I was waiting in line to vote, I overheard a conversation between a mother and her high school (? maybe middle school) daughter. The mother was telling her she needed to take a P.E. class so she could get rid of all her energy. The girl said "I have P.E. next semester. I don't like it anyways, it's just exercise. It's supposed  to be fun games, like warball or spiderball."

I just stood there like, are you kidding me? I'm assuming she meant all they did was run and do pushups and situps and stuff like that...but either way, P.E. is P.E. its physical education. Yeh, you run and do exercises. I swear, America needs a reality check man.
Also, it was my first time voting and I was asked if I was even old enough to vote. I was standing in between two older men and they thought it was hilarious.

We have to be moved out of our apartment in like a month. So today we're going to look a house. I'm TOO excited to have a girl roommate. HAHA Halie is moving in with us, yayyyyyyyy :D

I'm going to go wake Kaleb up because that boy doesn't get up unless someone drags him out of bed. I swear, in 75 years when he dies...it's gonna be in his sleep and no one will know for days.

- Katie

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