So, I was on Pinterest earlier when I found a picture of a 'fat chick'. I read the caption and wanted to know why someone would post this...I mean surely they weren't happy about this. (She was like, a 300 pound girl!)

Well, I went to the blog it was connected to, Fat From the Side. I started looking around and realized it was an appreciation blog for all these girls who are really fat. Cool - if you wanna appreciate your body...but there's NO way they are appreciating a healthy body. Personally, I think this type of thing is just sending the wrong message to girls. NOT that the people saying people should be stick thin are right either, but I think this is out of control.

I am still not where I want to be, and I won't be for a while, but at least I know how to make myself healthy. Sure, I want to be thin, but if my body decides it only wants to be as small as a 6 and I am living a healthy lifestyle, I will be okay. At least I'm not shoving my face with cupcakes and ice cream 10 times a day. I've seen both sides of this whole weight ordeal. I know what its like to be fat, unhealthy, and ashamed, I know it all. I know now, what its like to turn down cake after dinner, and how it feels to fit into those really cute pants I've always wanted. I know I'm not an expert, but geez - I can't be the only person who thinks its absolutely ridiculous to tell girls that being a damn hot air balloon is okay!

The only reason I even thought about posting this was because a girl left a rude comment on my pin after I repinned it with the caption "this blog is disturbing". I didn't like what she had to say, and I deleted it...whoops - thought about it afterwards. :P I did delete the pin, because I kind of felt bad afterwards, but this is my redemption.

STOP EATING SHIT. Go to the gym. Appreciate your body, yes...but also realize your body is a temple. God did NOT give you something so precious to just ruin. Don't chop 20 years off of your life because you decided you wanted to have 3 more hotdogs and 4 servings of fries.

I almost feel bad about posting this, because I read the captions and a lot of the girls on there have gone through so much with hating their body and all...and 'this is their chance to admire themselves and appreciate themselves'...but I just can't help saying that they shouldn't be admiring that. They should treat themselves right.

- Katie

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  1. okay, so i read this blog; and i must say i am kinda disappointed in this post. I am really happy for you to get to your goal weight, and that you are kicking ass on everything that your doing. But you also have to understand that some people can't work out like you do, and drop pounds, there is NO shame in being fat. Yes it's extremely unhealthy, but i mean if you are happy with where you are at in weight, then you should just leave it as that. I am a girl who is extremely unhappy with her weight, but i work out everyday and eat like way below 2000 calories a day, and cut diet coke out of my life completely, and you can't tell that i have lost anything, but i would just say that sometimes, you should kinda think before posting something that has to do with everyone....