Bridesmaids and Basketball

The other day, I was asked to post. I guess I've been slackin' a little. :) Mahhh B. ;)

So Misty and I ordered our bridesmaids' dresses for Keely & Scott's wedding! We are SO excited. I won't post a picture yet. We'll keep everything a secret until the wedding. Hehe

I also have another secret for you, but you'll have to wait for it. Just keep checking back. ;)

Our kitten is getting so big! We got him a little house/condo/scratch post thing. Its so cool. I love those things. We got him a $4 playcubething at Dollar General last week. He plays with it SO much. They thought he'd hate it.

Work is going well.

My grandpa is in the hospital. He has Pancreatitis. I've never had to see someone go through anything like this before, and it is so awful to go to the hospital and see him in so much pain. He's on so many meds that I can barely understand what he says when he's talking to me, and he always wants to be asleep. I understand why he always wants to sleep, I mean the medicine makes him drowsy and all, its just not like him. I hate it.

Today was the last of 2 days off I had this week. Wednesday-Sunday I work every day. <-- YAY for money. :)

I'm off to 'watch' this playoff game with the boys. Ugh.

- Katie

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