July 2010.

July 27, 2010: Since my cousin, Morgan, and I are very close, we spent a LOT of time together last summer. We were together on Tuesday, the 27th, and we decided to go hang out with a couple of our friends - Tyler, Tanner, and her friend...I think his name was Ryan?. Anyways, we went over to Tyler's house to hang out with them & play pool. We ended up leaving and then getting home around midnight.
When we got back, we probably ate some fruit or watched tv. When we finally decided to go to sleep, we realized it was already 3 am, and she had to be up at 7 am for a doctor's appointment. Because it was so late, we figured we'd just stay up.

July 28, 2010: At 7 am, we got to the doctor's office for her appointment. After that, I really don't remember what happened, but I know I eventually went home. After a couple hours of being home, Morgan texted me asking if I wanted to go over to Tanner's with her and hang out. She came over and picked me up in her dad's amazingly nice, huge, pretty new Tundra. We knew we'd have to pay for gas, and it was already getting pretty late, so we called Tanner and told him to meet us at a gas station. When we got there, we parked the truck behind the gas station so it would be safe, and then Tanner showed up. His friend Zach was in the truck also. I was very hesitant about riding in the truck because it was only a 3-seater.

Finally, we all got in, and rode to Tanner's. I'd never been to his house before, so I didn't know how far away it was. Once we got onto some back roads, Tanner started messing around and telling us he'd been drinking (he was obviously kidding, but it scared me). Right after that, we turned on to Highway 17 (in front of a semi who was VERY far away. We had plenty of time). Next thing we know, the semi is right behind us flashing his brights at us and freaking out. Tanner turned on his blinker to turn left and get out of his way, and then me and Morgan looked back at the semi...right before it hit us.

I try so hard not to think or talk about what happened that night. I try SO hard to forget what I saw and heard, but its not something you just get rid of. It sticks with you. Every time I see a semi behind me, I think its going to hit me. I think I was in denial for so long thinking that our wreck really wasn't that bad, but I'm realizing now that it was. It was scary, and it was something I won't EVER want someone I know to have to go through.

Its hard for me when I realize JUST how bad our wreck was. I realize that NO ONE died, NO ONE broke a bone. I think Tanner stayed overnight in the hospital for just a night or two, and the rest of us were discharged that same night. Zach had some stitches, I have ongoing back pain, and Morgan had multiple body parts that were sore (just like the rest of us). So...for the most part, I think we got off pretty durn lucky.

Why is it that a month before our car wreck, TWO people died in a car wreck from the same school we went to? About a week after that, more people from our school got into car wrecks. Last week, another wreck happened. All from our school - I really don't know the condition of the two still in the hospital, but I know one person is on life support.

I understand that ALL of these wrecks were ridiculously unsafe (as all are) and very scary, but I would have to say I think ours was in the top 3 for being the worst. (damage-wise) Why did we get off so easily?

I could ask so many questions, and I could probably type up a whole lot more on here, but I know no one wants to read all that. I've tried for so long not to talk about my wreck even though its something huge in my heart. It scares me every single day of my life, and I think about it ALL the time. Like I said, when there's a big truck behind me on the road, I feel like its going to hit me. I have flashbacks ALL the time, but I can't say anything about them. Sometimes, I have to pull over to keep from crying after things happen on the road.  Other people have been in horrible car wrecks too, so I can't be the only person this happens to. Its a scary thing, and without being dramatic, I can honestly say that this event has scarred me for life.

Maybe I wasn't as close to death as others, because I didn't break 50 bones and I don't have brain damage, but I feel like I was VERY close to death that night, and every day I thank God that I'm still alive. I'm greatful for what I have, and I'm probably WAY too paranoid now, but I'm okay with that. Usually, I'm nice and if you're a bad driver, I won't say anything, but after my wreck, I've become so open with telling people that I don't like how they drive. I won't ride with people I don't trust.

That's all for now.

- Katie

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