Home Sweet Home

So, I'm back home for the summer. Its been an interesting freshman year in college. I've changed a lot. You don't realized how many things are different and how much you change, because its happens gradually throughout the year. I've sat back and looked at everything I've accomplished this year. I'm able to take care of myself (well, except for money...but I'm trying. I'm only 19, so that part shouldn't count yet, right?), I'm able to take care of others, I've learned a lot more self-discipline. I'm ready for summer, and I'm happy to be back in Savannah where I can go to the beach when I want, and not feel bad for leaving after 2 hours because I only drive like 30 or 45 minutes to get there and not...2 or 3 hours. I'm happy to see my friends and family. MOSTLY, I can't wait to go to New York, Seattle, & Atlanta this summer. :) I have a lot planned!

Time to go see my cousinnnn :)

- Katie

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