Karaoke & Booze

So, last night I went to Dakotas. Its a little bar/restaurant in my hometown, and they have karaoke on Sunday nights. I've never really done it before, so I decided (after multiple pushes from my family & waitress) that I would choose a song. I picked Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood. When I sang though, my voice was so horrible. I was so nervous, and someone from 50 miles away would have been able to hear it in my voice. After that, the owner (who was running the system) asked if I would sing Picture by Sheryl Crow & Kid Rock with him. So I did. I forgot half of it, so it was kind of rough. I don't even remember what I sang after that, but I know all together I sang Tim McGraw (Taylor Swift), Redneck Woman (Gretchen Wilson), I Need You (Tim McGraw & Faith Hill), Need You Now (Lady Antebellum), Jesus Take the Wheel (Carrie Underwood), and Picture (Sheryl Crow & Kid Rock) [again...haha a drunk guy asked me to sing it with him...he was pretty good!]. It was a longgggg hour on that stage. It was also very nerve wracking. I got better though, my nerves were gone, and pretty much the only people there were workers, or very very drunk. lol

I don't know why I get so nervous to sing in front of people, because if I do say so myself, I'm really not that bad. (which is okay for me to say...because I'm a voice major. lol) But anyways, that was my night last night.

- Katie

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