"One day you will see that what you've got isn't the worst out there. Things can get worse, so just take the bad with the good, and get on with life." My Facebook status. Maybe people will read it and stop complaining so much. I mean, seriously. I understand that you're not happy, I understand that you are going through some hard times, I understand that you can't find a job. I UNDERSTAND. I've been through ALLLLLLLLL of it. TRUST ME. Just get up, do what you've gotta do, make some cuts, give up things you love, and stick by those you care about. You will get your way if you persevere. 

I get it...the economy is bad, college is tough, kids are a challenge. I KNOW. You need to do what you've gotta do. I'm about to make some decisions I don't think my family will like very much, but its going to happen. Its gonna happen because its what I need. To be stable, this is what I need to do for ME. Sure, I'll be giving up things I love and taking a step back, but I will be safer in the end.

I'm not happy with certain things in my life, but its not the worst that it could be. I'm taking the bad with the good, and I'm getting on with life.

- Katie

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