Give It To 'Em

I'm pretty sure I have three tests next week again. When I got my syllabus, none of my classes had tests during the same week, so I don't know how this has ended up like this. I'm sitting in Dance right now, and I took the notes like last week, so I'm really bored. If you have perfect attendance, you get 25 bonus points at the end of the semester, so I haven't missed a day yet. If you leave early, you get an absence. So you guys get to hear about how bored I am. ;)

I went to the dance concert last night here at the school, it was pretty good, but now I have to take a ridiculous quiz on it online for class. "List the full names of the choreographers and the titles of their choreography for this concert." Now please tell me that that's a normal question. I think its dumb. I went to the concert...ask me about the concert - not the choreographers. 

***10 hours later - hahaha. I didn't realize it was so close to class ending...and so I had to close my computer. Anyways, I went to Starbucks with Jordan after that. :) And then...I studied a tiny bit for my test tomorrow (Tonight is an all-nighter for that test.), and then I went to my meeting. Stroll practice is probably my favorite part of the week (that was after my meeting). I'm not very good, and it is taking me a while to catch on...but I love it. I'm very out of shape though...so I have to take breaks. HA.

I am FINALLY up to date on Grey's Anatomy. :) I get to watch it on TV when it comes on now. haha 

I'm going to start studying for psych now I guess...

Good Night

- Katie

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