Sensation and Perception

Today's Psychology test is over Sensation and Perception. I should probably be studying right now since the test is in an hour and a half, but I can't make myself do it. Blahhh. I haven't studied, so I know I'm going to do bad. I'm really put off with that class because I studied for our 2 tests before this like...SUPER much. Hours and hours and hours of studying...and I made an 86 and then a SEVENTY SEVEN. I was pissed..to say the least. Anyways, I really think I'm studying the wrong things, so is there really a point? Should I just try to wing it? It's just real life examples anyway. I never know what example she's going to give us. I can't come up with a problem and name every problem with it. Ugh. I've decided...I hate psychology. Like I said in my last post, stroll practice is my favorite part of the week, and I am going to stick with that. Too bad I don't get a grade in it...

I'm hoping I don't have to go home next semester & go to school there. I shouldn't have to, but I don't know if I'll have a place to live here...

I've been marinating chicken for two days in the fridge, and I cooked in last night. It was SO GOOD. I usually don't cook meat in a skillet, but I did last night. Yum - f'real. I cooked black eyed peas too - yummyyyy. Jordan and Kaleb don't eat them I don't think...so I had to waste like over half a can. :(

I got two new fish. Their names are Duck and Canada. They're plain black, and super cute. :) They're the only kind of pets I can have...so I'm going to enjoy my new fish. My other two died...sad day. I wonder if the new fish can tell that there were other fish living in there once...What if they get depressed or something? Can that happen since they have a memory of like 30 seconds? Doesn't that just mean they are dumb? I'm gonna go with that. :)

I guess I will go study now. Or eat...I haven't eaten today. Who knows? I'll probably be back to write more later though... :)

***13 hours later...I couldn't study. I was so bored. I did for like an hour, and then I stopped. I probably failed that test, and I will cry if I did. Seriously...in public. I will ball my eyes out.
Anyways, after the test, I went with my soror Tori to Walmart, the dollar store, and Target to get our other sister's birthday presents. She's turning 19 tomorrow! (well...today since its 3:15 am!) Anyways, we got her some cool stuff. I can't put it on here right now in case she reads it though, so I will post pictures tomorrow :)

- Katie

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