And life keeps on going...

Even though I feel like I can just take a nice little break from life and leave Georgia, I do realize that everything is going to continue without me there. My friends are going to begin to shy away because I am not there anymore and I am going to feel disconnected because I won't be involved in anything anymore. I know that, but I also know that those couple true friends I have will still care. They will call me and ask how things are going, and they will want to hang out when I come back.

Since I will be 3000 miles away from my school, I will only be taking online courses. These courses are only going to be core, so I will also fall even more behind in my major (I'm already a year behind). As soon as I have enough credits to transfer as a transfer student and not a freshman though, I will definitely do that. Hopefully to UW!

I have been growing out my hair for like, 3 months now. Its been VERY hard considering the fact that I usually have no hair almost. haha First picture is now, second picture is from before and what I really want again!

I thought I could let it grow out long again, but it is just so hard. I get tired of styling it and drying it. When its short, I can just towel dry, run a hair dryer through it for like, 3 minutes...and I'm done. No straightening, no clipping up, nothin. Perfect hair. :) haha 

Tomorrow is house cleaning day because Daddy will have the car at work all day, but we are going to the beach again on Monday. I'm excited because I'm getting verrrrrry white. Like, more than usual which is already pretty bad. Ha! Yesterday, we went to the Tacoma mall since its got the H&M that I'm applying to and we just looked around. I also made a list of other stores I could apply to if I don't end up getting the job. Anyways, on the way there, we stopped by Target and picked up The Sims Medieval game. Its SO hard! You can't build houses, and the game is pretty much the same every time you play it. You know how usually you can make different careers and different people with different traits and all? Well on this one, you can give the people different traits, and that's about it. Everything is already kind of 'planned' through quests. Its weird. If you plan on buying it, I would wait to see if you could get it on sale somewhere...or just cheaper in general. I advise you NOT to pay $50 dollars for it.

I've decided to pick up my old hobby of... DUH DUH DUH... sewing. haha We will see how that works out. I asked Kaitlyn if I could use some clothes that don't really fit her to try it out on. I'm gonna try to resize some of her old clothes so that she can still wear them, or at least make them new like Disney at Ruffles and Stuff does. She has inspired me. :P 

- Katie

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