Apartment for Two

Kaleb and I have decided to move up here so we can start our life together (and so I can live close to my dad for once...), but me and Daddy went to Ikea today to look at their beds, and I found some stuff I really like. I want to get thissssss stuff for mine and Kaleb's apartment (when we actually get it. :))

The bed I want is on the left and the right picture is the bedding I really like. (The bedding is from Target though.)

On the left is the wardrobe I want (except it would match the bed & dressers), and the dresser is on the right. 

 Here is the night stand that I want for each side of the bed!

On the left is the couch (there is also a matching love seat) & on the right is the rug (from Target) I want for the living room.

On the left is the coffee table & on the right is the end tables. 

I hope it all matches, I'm not really sure about that rug or the color of the living room furniture, it all depends on Kaleb...but I have a vision. ;) 

- Katie

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