GA Homies. :)

I've been on my little blogging kick lately, so I am sorry I'm posting so much. :P I wanted to take the time to write about all my friends because I know I love when someone has something to say about me, so I want to return the favor. (Sara...this is because of you! haha)

1. Sara Warren - I hate that we had that stupid fight at the end of the year, it ruined so much of our last time together at school. I know its partly my fault because I refused to make up, but I want you to know that I hate how it happened. I'm SO glad we are best friends again, because I need  you. lol You are someone I can tell anything to, and I know you will keep it to yourself and give me advice on it if I need it. I know that you are someone who is not going to just drop our friendship because I am leaving, and I know that it will NOT be awkward to come back and hang out after not seeing each other for a while. I loved the day we hung out at the mall over the summer because we acted the exact same as we did before anything happened. I love you Sara! :)

2. Morgan Zipperer - Cousins or not, you are one of my best friends. Our friendship is a lot harder than other people's because if we get in a fight, we HAVE to just get over it. I'm glad we figured that out early because I tell you EVERYTHING. Things that I can't tell other people because they just don't know the background to our family...:P You are so much fun to hang out with, and I don't want you to stop talking to me while I'm gone! We have so many frieken inside jokes, and I am already missing you because I'll say them sometimes...and no one knows what I'm talkin about. :/ (They have a cat named Baby, and I think about that 'goofy way' you say baby...haha. I don't care what you say, you DO say it funny. ;)) I love you, and I cannot wait until the day you are able to fly up here and visit! :)

3. Jordan Ford - Kat n Jo-ann, Kat n Jo-ann...to the rescueeee! I am going through JordanWithdrawals and its the hardest thing in the world. I miss living with you, and I miss telling you my entire day (and listening to yours of course). Its hard to know that we will never be roommates again. :( You have to keep me updated on life...since I know like, all of yours. haha I want to know how VSU is going and I wanna know about dem boys. ;) You gotta tell me what its like living in Hopper too! Honestly, I think I will miss going to Hopper with you at 3 am & screaming as loud as we can...LOL I was going through my videos on Photobooth yesterday, and I found all of our stupid wreck videos. There were those that too dumb to even put in our bloopers, and I laughed so much! I miss you and I can't wait to hang out when I come back in September. I love you Jordan!

4. Hannah Cooke - We have been through a lot of different things the past couple of years. We were best friends, and then we got in a huge fight, and then we were friends again, and then we were best friends again, and now, I feel like we are pulling apart again. I hope thats not how it happens, because I love you and I still wanna be best friends! Message me sometime, you said you had questions to ask. I want to know how everything works out with school and with Mr. Austin! ;) I love you, and I can't wait to see you when I come back for a week, so save me a day! :)

5. Zeta Tau - Sorry y'all, but I have to group you up...there are so many of you. :) 9 P.O.I - I am so lucky to have you all, I thank you for everything you went through with me, and for everything you let me go through with you. Everyone - I am going to miss you all so much. I think its the hardest for me to leave because I know I will be leaving y'all. Its hard for me to leave my friends, but its nothin' like losin' your sisters. I hope you guys don't forget about me, and i can't wait to come visit and see those new initiates when I come back. ;)

I am going to miss a bunch of people, but this is the last time I'll say anything about it on my blog. :) Don't worry, I will not babble on anymore, I just wanted to get that out so I felt better about it.

- Katie

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