Ghost Adventures

Ghosts. Real or fake? I believe in them. I've been watching Ghost Adventures wayyy too much lately, and honestly most of them haven't been too freaky. Tonight though, I watched one that was really scary, and I had to stop watching episodes. I don't completely understand them, and I don't see how they can die & not go directly to Heaven or Hell, but I believe they are here.

I think I started believing when my mom, brother, and I moved into our 'new house'. It is a rental, and people lived in it before. I don't know who lived in there, or how many people had lived in it before, but I know I saw and heard things. I'm not crazy, and I know I didn't just 'hear' & 'see' things that weren't real.

One day, I was taking a shower in my bathroom, and I heard someone bang on the other side of the shower. I figured it was just my mom trying to get my attention and tell me to hurry up and get out of the shower. I finished up and got out as quickly as possible and then went to her room to ask her what she wanted. When I got in there, I realized that no one was even on that side of the house. I ran out to the kitchen and asked who knocked on the wall, and my mom and brother both said 'I thought that was you'.  That was just experience #1. Many other things happened. Another day, I was out in the kitchen cooking dinner after school, and I was the only one home. I heard the same noise coming from the same spot.

I heard things at night while I was sleeping in my room. I got so scared that I wouldn't go to sleep unless I had the christian music channel on all night on my t.v. Eventually, I opened my bible and set it up on my dresser. From that day on, I didn't hear or see anything.

When I got to college a year later, my roommate (Jordan) and I met V. He was our friendly ghost. He lived in Jordan's closet. He watched me sleep, and talked to Jordan. He cried in her closet, scratched the back of my chair, and talked to us through the Ouija Board. No one told me before using it, that the use of a ouija board was unsafe, so after someone finally told me, I freaked out and decided not to use it again. Luckily, Jordan bought it, and I didn't have to take it home. (sorry Jordan. :P)

Anyways, I wish I had enough people following/reading my blog to answer my questions. I want to know who believes in ghosts, and I want to hear what people have to say about it. I've heard plenty of people say that there is no way they can be real, and I've heard many people say they are definitely real.

- Katie

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