Since I've decided to grow my hair out, I finally cut my bangs today. I've been letting them grow out along with the rest of my hair so that I didn't have short bangs & long hair. Today though, I got fed up with them! They are short now, and I can't wait to cut the rest of my hair! Gahh

We went grocery shopping today at Costco (that is absolutely the hardest word to say in the world), and we got some bulk food! Tomorrow though, Lisa & I are going to try some couponing. :) Its never good the first or second time, but after you build up some coupons, you get better! Hopefully we will get some good prices and some good food. 

Now, I am just sitting on the couch with my sleeping kitten watching some more Ghost Adventures. :)

I found some old pictures & figured I'd share them...

This is from when I first got this Macbook at college!
(l-r) Emily, Jordan, me, & Amber

When I lived with my Grandma!

In the dorm, with bangs :)

Jordan & I. haha

In the dorm with Kaleb :)

Hangin out with the bruhs & sorors! :)

In the dorm - that's Jordan's side before she packed up!

At home, reppin V-State :)

Long hair!

Skinny & medium long hair. haha

10th Grade & that's Kaleb in the background...before we were dating. lol

Very first beach trip this summer!

Summer 09 with Morgan.

My Krista Lou. :)

Jessica Doherty in 10th Grade chem lab!

My best friend Sara and I in my old dorm!

My roommate Jordan 'pregnant' with Wurth. haha 

Sara, Jordan, & I on TWLOHA day

By the way, if you click the photos...they will get bigger. I just make them small for my post.


  1. i'm using my old aim screen name to comment on this! haha that picture is so old! i wish we could have hung out more in high school. you should see if you have pictures from your slumber party foreverrrr ago!

  2. Who is this? lol & I lost ALLL my pictures when I got a new mac. :( So, all I have are from this year and a couple I snagged from Myspace!