Sophomore Year

I'm soon to be entering my sophomore year in college, and to be honest - its a scary thing!

Its crazy to know that a year ago, I was just beginning college. I never thought I'd be transferring colleges let alone moving 3000 miles away after one year at VSU.

I'm going from sunny Valdosta, GA with palm trees and sun to...

Rainy Puyallup, WA where there's no sun & weird trees. :) 

Its okay though, I'm adjusting. All I need now is a JOB, a CAR, and my BOYFRIEND. :( Gosh, its the worst thing in the world not being where the person you love most is! We've gone 5 weeks apart so far, and we still have another 2 months to go. I love him so much though, so we can make it. :) <3

- Katie

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